Is visiting Dubai safe in 2023

If you are planning to visit Dubai but are wondering if it is safe, the answer is YES. Dubai is safe for all travelers. In need, Dubai is ranked as a top city tourist destination.

If you plan to visit Dubai for the first time, you should contact a travel agency in Dubai to consult everything you need to know about Dubai, including how to get a Dubai visa, where you will be staying, and ask any questions about Dubai.

As you plan to travel to Dubai, it is important to know general safety in Dubai and what you should do to be safe in Dubai. Also, know the local customs and laws you adhere to to avoid getting the wrong side of the law.

General safety in Dubai
There isn’t much room for debate over the fact that Dubai is safe for travelers. Given the stringent security measures, violent crimes against visitors are extremely uncommon in Dubai.

Most crimes committed against tourists in Dubai are likely minor offenses such as pickpocketing, fraud, or sexual harassment.

Sharia law and prohibitions
It is important to know that when you arrive in Dubai, you must follow Sharia (traditional Islamic) law. The law does not allow same-sex relations and illegal actions such as:

PDA (including same-sex PDA)
Being drunk in public
Having CBD products
Not dressing properly, especially women (this can include bare arms, low necklines, and short shorts)
Bad language
Rude actions
Trying to convert people to a religion
Taking pictures of people and government buildings without permission
Saying negative things about the government

Dubai has increased the severity of its punishments for lawbreakers, such as huge fines and jail terms. Women and members of the LGBTQ+ community may face harsher penalties and less protection when traveling abroad.
Some victims of sexual assault have even faced criminal charges for breaking rules prohibiting extramarital sexual activity, claims

Both parties have been tried and occasionally sentenced to jail time and deportation in circumstances where the victim has been unable to prove [that sex was not voluntary].

Tips for staying safe in Dubai
Despite this, you should not assume Dubai is an unsafe tourist destination. If you stick to the law, you will enjoy your visit. Below are handy tips to know about as you plan to visit Dubai.

1. Understand the law you are required to follow
You must know the laws applied in Dubai because when you break them, not knowing will not serve as an excuse.

You can get to know what you are supposed to do and not do when you arrive in Dubai by visiting the website and checking out the traveler information page.

That will provide you with the most thorough breakdown possible of the laws in Dubai that affect travelers and the consequences that can be incurred if you breach the law.

After you have gained an understanding of the laws, you should stick to them. It truly isn’t all that difficult. Relax and take in the wondrous sights of the natural world and the works of human ingenuity while saving your wild behavior for the hotel bar or the next location. You are in for a wonderful time.

2. Dress appropriately and honor local customs
For some people, following the rules about what to wear might be the hardest part of traveling. The secret to dressing smartly, fashionably, and appropriately in Dubai lies in the clothes you choose to wear.

Women should pack a maxi dress, a scarf, a shawl, and a long-sleeve shirt made of equally lightweight, wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Men should carry a long-sleeve shirt and long pants, ideally made of lightweight fabric.

In addition to how you dress, it is important to maintain local customs about making eye contact with strangers and acting respectfully when visiting or being near religious buildings such as mosques.

3. Avoid taking pictures without asking for permission
You are not required to take pictures around a government building in Dubai. Moreover, it is considered impolite to take strangers’ pictures. You should take pictures where it is allowed.

You can demonstrate your respect for the country and its laws by asking a police officer or other authority person if photographing is permitted.

4. Drink responsibly
In most countries, using alcohol responsibly includes consuming an appropriate amount, remaining vigilant against using illicit substances in alcoholic beverages, and avoiding getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

In Dubai, it is all that in addition to ensuring that you are not drunk in public and that you do not consume alcohol outside of locations that have been restricted – and that you are aware that there are severe penalties for breaking the law.

There is nightlife in Dubai, which can get rather rowdy sometimes. Please make no mistake about it. However, once you leave the club, you must return to a state of sobriety and respect for others.

5. Walk carefully
In Dubai, the pedestrian is certainly not the king of the road. Always be cautious when crossing the roadway because motorists routinely speed, and pedestrian crosswalks are only suggestions.

Regarding walkability, Dubai is comparable to Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Orlando. It is a metropolis that can be explored on foot, but it is not considered among the most walkable cities in the world. If you’re a frequent stroller, choose your parking space carefully.

6. Be cautious when you’re around ATMs
“Skimming” ATMs and stealing PINs are very much prevalent in Dubai. Even though it’s not necessary to carry around a large amount of money in Dubai, there are still times when you might need to use an ATM.

In situations like these, you should only use the ATM located in the hotel, take a moment to check around you before entering your PIN, and always cover the keypad with your hand before inputting numbers.

7. Consider buying travel insurance
Suppose you have already paid for your trip to Dubai and are forced to cut it short or cancel it altogether due to an incident covered by your travel insurance policy. In that case, you may be eligible for reimbursement. In addition, travel insurance can cover for:

Medical emergency
Medical evacuation
Loss of passports or important documents
Lost, damaged, or stolen luggage

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