What size RV generator do different class RVs need

RV ownership is at an all-time high as RVs are used for travel and even off-grid living! RV owners want to enjoy the freedom of the open road while minimizing their carbon footprint. People also recognize the need to invest in a reliable power source in these changing times. The best solution we have come across is solar power!

An RV generator hooked up to solar power allows RV owners to enjoy the advantages of energy independence while also reducing the environmental impact of fossil fuel-based power. Solar energy is, after all, a clean and renewable power source. By utilizing solar power, RV owners can help reduce the release of greenhouse gases and play their part in creating a healthy environment.

Several solar powered generator solutions are available to purchase in the market, but only a few are considered investment-worthy. A great example is Jackery’s range of solar generators. Jackery is one of the world’s leading providers of green energy solutions, including portable solar generators, which are perfect for any RV!

If you plan to add an RV generator to your recreational vehicle, you will want to assess what size fits your RV needs. Read on to find out!

Understanding your RV class
First, you will want to understand what class your RV falls under. RVs are typically categorized into three classes, i.e., A, B, and C. Here is a breakdown of what each category means and how they can influence the choice of RV generator size.

Class A
Class A RVs are categorically your largest and most spacious RVs. Think of a box on wheels that resembles a bus or a luxury coach. You will have plenty of space on the roof for your solar panel installation so you can effectively meet your energy needs. Typically, an RV generator that provides up to 2000 Wh is considered the right choice for these RVs.

Class B
Class B motorhomes or RVs bear a close resemblance to vans. These are the smallest in size compared to class A and C RVs. While they may be smaller, they are not necessarily cheaper than class A and C RVs. Their compact size, however, means that you will only store your essentials and have limited roof space. An RV generator offering roughly 300 Wh should be sufficient for a class B RV.

Class C
The Class C type RVs differ not only in their size but also in their make. They are larger than class B RVs but smaller than class A RVs. The difference you will instantly notice is that it has a sleeping area built over the living quarters. The living quarters also extend over the driver’s cab in the form of a cab-over. Small families with children usually go for these Class C RVs. An RV generator that offers around 1000 Wh of energy should be sufficient for a class C RV.

Are you looking for a high-quality motorhome generator that caters to all your RV needs? Here are some of the top picks according to the RV you have.

Good size motorhome generator for Class A RVs
Class A motorhomes are the largest of the set, usually built with very strong heavy-duty frames. The frames are built onto commercial buses, trucks, or motor vehicle chassis.

Think of these RVs as having a box-like shape carried on wheels. Of course, these RVs are the bulkiest, have the least aerodynamics, and typically range from 25-45 feet in length.

Their sheer length means you will be spending much more on fuel and finding the right campground spots, but they offer sufficient space for family vacations! Of course, they also have plenty of roof space and carry several heavy appliances on board. You can, therefore, expect to purchase larger solar generators to meet their power needs. Heavy loads such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and heaters are commonly found in such RVs.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus
For the class A type RV, we recommend Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus. This incredible RV generator carries a stunning 2000 kWh capacity that can be expanded by adding up to 5 battery packs at a time to deliver an exceptional 12,000 kWh. This is perfect for the large-scale power needs of a Class A RV.

It can further power up 99% of your large and small appliances, including microwaves, portable air conditioners, electric ovens, pressure cookers, and other RV equipment. The solar generator also offers quick charging capabilities, fully recharged in just 2 hours with 6 SolarSage 200W panels. You can also choose to connect it to an AC adapter or car adapter for alternative charging in the case of an emergency.

Finally, a Class A RV is a large vehicle that you expect to last for a long time. We believe your choice of RV generator should match this lifespan. The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus is an excellent investment as it offers a 10-year lifespan, even if used at least once daily!

Suitable generator for camping (Class B RVs/Camper Vans)
The next category is the Class B vans, also known as Camper Vans, due to their close resemblance to an oversized vans. Think of the Mystery Machine employed by Scooby and the Gang in their iconic cartoons, and you will have an idea of what they look like.

These RVs typically range from around 16 to 21 feet long in size and are usually smaller than class A RVs. But these smaller-sized RVs are sought out for this very reason. Their smaller size and streamlined design make them much easier to handle; in fact, they drive very similar cars, which new RV owners will appreciate. They are also the standard when searching for a reliable RV and generator for camping and boondocking.

Although these vans are comparatively smaller in size, they do fit all your necessary amenities, including a compact private kitchen, bathroom, and bed. These agile and fuel-efficient vehicles are best suited to smaller groups. Their smaller storage space means you will need fewer appliances on the road. As such, we recommend the Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus for your Class B RV.

Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus
The Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus is highly portable and lightweight, weighing just 11 lbs! Thanks to its easy-to-set-up design, you can power up your essentials just about anywhere. The RV generator further boasts a stunning 299 Wh battery capacity and delivers a power output of 300 W, which is sufficient to power your essentials.

The battery further has several innovative features that set it apart. For one, it supports fast charging for multiple devices simultaneously, making your trip convenient. It further incorporates a durable Lithium-ion phosphate battery that provides a 10-year lifespan, a pure sine wave, and 52 forms of protection!

This RV generator is typically recommended for powering smaller essentials, including your mobile phones, cameras, computers, drones, and lighting lamps, so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Finally, the Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus can be recharged in 4 simple ways: via solar panels, a wall outlet, a car outlet, or USB charging. Its small yet durable design, temperature resistance, safety, and stability make it a smart choice for your class B RVs.

Quiet generator for RV (Class C RVs)
Next up, we have the class C RVs; these are also compact in size but are not as small as Class B RVs. The Class C RVs typically carry extra sleeping space or storage area alongside a large enough driver’s “cab-over” over the top.

We recommend the class C type RV for large families that do not want to deal with a large RV just yet. They include your basic refrigerators, bathroom, closet space, dining area, and kitchen to make your journey comfortable. The RV also has a pretty decent gas mileage, making it excellent for all your outdoor adventures.

When choosing an RV generator for class C-type RVs, you will want to find a sweet balance between space and efficiency. The typical size of type C RVs ranges from 25 to 35 feet long, providing you with just enough space for a mid-sized RV generator. We recommend Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus for your Class C RV.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus
The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus is one of the most popular RV generators on our website. Its compact yet small design conveniently delivers a battery capacity of around 1264 Wh and a 2000 W output capacity.

Like the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus is also expandable. You can add up to 5 battery powers to expand your battery capacity up to 5,000 Wh! These devices help power up nearly 99% of all devices, including coffee makers, electric cookers, portable air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, and more!

To guarantee that you and your family have a safe and enjoyable trip, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus provides you with a 10-year lifespan with its Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. Its internal ChargeShield technology also ensures your battery delivers stable power output, regardless of external conditions.

The cab-over section of your RV provides sufficient space for your RV generator deployment so you can set it up easily. Not only is it portable, reliable, and delivers efficient power capabilities, but it also demands very low maintenance to keep them working at their best!

Tips for all RV classes
Now that you know about the various RV classes, you are better able to determine what class your RV is categorized under and which solar generator will best meet its energy needs accordingly. Of course, getting an RV generator is only the first step. You also need to take active steps to ensure it continues to perform well.

Here is a general list of regular maintenance tasks you should take care of

Clean your solar panels to keep them free from debris, dust, leaves, and other external elements. This should help maximize their efficiency. To clean the solar panels, do not rub them harshly; instead, wipe them down with a damp cloth.
Ensure that there is no corrosion present over the solar panels.
Make it a habit to inspect the wiring that connects your solar RV generator to your solar panels to ensure that there is no damage.
Inspect the solar generator battery device to ensure the terminals of the battery are protected.
Troubleshoot common issues on time and ensure a regular system and electrical fault check, also surrounding your inverter panel.
Store your solar generator in a cool and dry place, away from extreme temperatures.
Follow the specific maintenance guidelines provided by your commercial solar panel manufacturer. This is because the brand, make, and model of the solar panel can vary widely in their maintenance recommendations.

Following these simple maintenance tips will allow you to make the most of your Jackery solar RV generator to ensure it lives through its estimated lifespan. You should clean your solar panels at least twice a year and make sure to follow the maintenance checklist at least once a month.

About Jackery
Jackery is a pioneer in the world of green energy solutions, thanks to its innovative solutions that allow adventurers all over the world to get access to clean, green energy wherever and whenever they need it! Their solar generators are the golden standard for solar power when it comes to setting up recreational vehicles, thanks to their portability, reliability, and durability.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast who simply wants to explore sustainable energy solutions or a new RV owner looking to build an efficient power source, Jackery has you covered!

Check out more of what Jackery offers!

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