Which are the best beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia. Its glittering cities and colourful culture perfectly compliment the lush countryside and captivating coastline, a combination that has attracted millions of visitors each year for well over a decade.

While some choose to stick to the cities, Vietnam tours combining culture and beaches will show you the true diversity of the country. Vietnam has a staggering 2,000 miles of coastline, as well as a selection of intimate island destinations. Plus, Vietnam beaches are ranked amongst the best in the region, beloved for their striking turquoise water, golden sand, and enigmatic caves and coves.

Find the ultimate seaside stay to enrich your trip in this guide to the best beaches in Vietnam.

Nha Trang Beach
For a traditional resort feel and a buzzing atmosphere, look no further than Nha Trang Beach. Its nickname is City Beach because it fronts this popular port city in southeastern Vietnam.

Tourists love to walk the length of this 6km beach, with striking city views behind and the glorious Nha Trang Bay ahead. There are plenty of facilities such as sun loungers and cafés and restaurants.

Con Dao
Seeking something more escapist? Con Dao is the choice for you. Although referred to as one location, it’s actually an archipelago of around a dozen islands off the south coast of the mainland.

Con Dao has a grisly past, evidenced by the prisons that still stand. However, today it’s a celebrated beach destination beloved for its rich coral reefs with diverse marine life and sweeping white sands.

Ha Long Bay
Probably Vietnam’s most famous attraction, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ha Long Bay is a must for anyone visiting the country. This site is recognised for its unparalleled beauty: 1,600 islets litter the bay, boasting spectacular limestone pillars, arches and caves that create a spectacular seascape.

Ha Long Bay can be reached in half a day by car from Hanoi so it’s possible to do as a day trip. However, the scenery is best discovered on a one- or two-night boat cruise.

My Khe
For a little bit of everything, it has to be My Khe. This beach ranked in the top 10 in the 2023 Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best Beaches list, revered worldwide for its 30km bay, surfing spots, coconut palms, and crystal-clear warm waters.

Better still, My Khe Beach is just half an hour from Hoi An by car.

Long Beach
Further afield but definitely worth the journey is Long Beach, the pride and joy of the inhabited Phu Quoc island. This Vietnamese island actually sits off the coast of Cambodia and has a distinctly tropical feel with bright white sand and an azure ocean.

The 15km Long Beach is studded with five-star resorts, so you can rest and relax in the lap of luxury. There are nature trails to be followed across the island if you can tear yourself away from the coast.

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