The Newman: A distinctive fusion of Fitzrovian heritage and modern elegance from Lind + Almond

The Newman, a new design-focused luxury hotel in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia, invites visitors to immerse themselves in a unique blend of historical homage and contemporary elegance.

With a keen understanding of the vibrant community that defines Fitzrovia, the establishment consciously integrates into the tapestry of this richly diverse neighbourhood whilst offering a fresh, welcoming space for locals and travellers alike.

At the heart of The Newman’s philosophy is a commitment to preserving the spirit and essence of Fitzrovia’s bohemian past. In developing the scheme, designers LIND + ALMOND embarked on an immersive exploration of the area, meticulously documenting its patchwork character, Victorian undertones, Art Deco highlights, and legendary inhabitants.

Fitzrovia, once London’s Bohemian quarter, flourished with eccentric thinkers and creative minds during its golden years from the 20s to the 50s. The likes of George Orwell, Nancy Cunard, and Aleister Crowley left an indelible mark on the borough. The Newman pays homage to these influential characters, drawing inspiration from their stories and the legendary pubs and taverns that were the epicentre of their intellectual and creative exchange.

Guestrooms reflect the beatnik spirit of Nancy Cunard, featuring an eclectic language of form and texture. Subtle nods to Cunard’s iconic bangles and polka dots add a vernacular flair to refined luxury. Polished metal accents and warm tones of burr create an avant-guard Art Deco atmosphere, resonating with the local architecture. Rooms invite the next generation of Fitzrovia’s artists to contribute to the evolving narrative. En-suites feature playful reinterpretations of local Victorian glazed brick façades. A mix of metals adds a subtle eccentricity to the tap and shower fittings.

Adeline, The Newman’s bustling brasserie, serves as a warm and refined introduction to the Fitzrovian experience. With an elegant, artistic backdrop, dapper locals mingle with curious travellers. The space pays homage to the inspirational characters who once indulged in the vibrant local culture, creating a buzzing atmosphere from breakfast to supper.

Venturing downstairs, Gambit Bar unveils an efflorescent underbelly, where Art Deco and classical influences are shattered and reimagined. Drawing inspiration from local figures like Aleister Crowley and Percy Wyndham Lewis, the bar & lounge exudes a timeless quality that celebrates Fitzrovia in all its (often controversial) eccentricities.

The Newman stands as a homage to thoughtful design, championing the heritage of one of London’s most cherished boroughs in a manner fit for the modern age. As The Newman opens its doors, it invites both discerning locals and inquisitive visitors to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Fitzrovian history and culture.

The Newman launches late 2024. It is the first and flagship offering from new hospitality operators Kinsfolk & Co. Lind + Almond is an ambitious multidisciplinary design studio specialising in boutique hospitality projects and conceptual residential properties founded by Pernille Lind and Richy Almond in 2015. With diverse backgrounds in design, architecture and furniture design and multiple high-profile projects under each of their belts, the pair have cultivated a progressive studio that blends two styles into one distinctive aesthetic. Their most acclaimed project, Hotel Sanders in Copenhagen, has received numerous awards and accolades, taking reference from mid-modern Scandinavian designs, mixed with a colonial twist and decadent English eccentricity.

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