Sofitel and French Bloom partner for new drink experience in hotels

PARIS – Sofitel, first international luxury hotel brand to originate from France, and French Bloom, the French sophisticated alcoholfree sparkling wine created by Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger and Constance Jablonski, partner to offer guests of the 120 Sofitel hotels around the world an elevated and inviting beverage experience that promote inclusive conviviality for non-drinkers and those moderating their alcohol intake. Together they present the first non-alcoholic cocktail for Dry January: the Golden Kick.

Celebrating French heritage

Both brands embody the incomparable intersection of French tradition and innovation. Each Sofitel hotel honors its French heritage, defining it in the unique local context. From interior design details inspired by the famous Gaudi in Sofitel Barcelona Skipper to cherry blossom croissants at Sofitel Seoul, or panetone with foie gras at Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese, each Sofitel is at thecom intersection of two interlacing diamonds, the cultural link behind the Sofitel logo, where French zest shines a light on the local culture. French Bloom offers its premium collection of alcohol-free organic sparkling cuvées, made from dealcoholized French chardonnay and pinot noir. 350 years after the discovery of French sparkling wine techniques, French Bloom benefits from the knowledge acquired in the fields to elaborate a new excellence of the French celebration, without alcohol this time.

Elevating the moment for everyone

Sofitel and French Bloom share the same purpose of celebrating big and small moments with equal pleasure. This partnership is aiming to gather loved ones and celebrate without moderation, in the true style of French art-de-vivre. More than two years of research and development and several technical innovations were necessary to achieve the balance and aromatic complexity of French Bloom Le Blanc and French Bloom Le Rosé dealcoholized organic wines. French Bloom’s team of experts developed new techniques and creativity inspired by the wonders of nature to sign a recipe as sophisticated as it is unique. Thus, the structure of the organic sparkling wines reach a noble character comparable to those of champagnes, fine wines and spirits. To respect the integrity of the flavors and offer the healthiest sparkling possible, the organic wines undergo a manual dealcoholization process which results in 0.0% alcohol content. Together they reinvent the codes of conviviality in hotels for moments of pleasure shared between everyone – family and friends while traveling or celebrating.

The non-alcoholic Signature Cocktail for Festive Season and Dry January: the Golden Kick

With the Golden Kick, Sofitel and French Bloom partner to celebrate the art of encounter, where every moment blooms and every guest belongs. The partnership starts with a signature non-alcoholic cocktail for the festive season as a tribute to Candle Ritual, an experience marker in Sofitel hotels creating a magical atmosphere as dusk descends, inspired by Paris tradition to illuminate its streets after dark in the 1860s. French Bloom created thus a reflection of warm glow of candles in a glass with a gold looking cocktail «Golden kick». The perfect drink for Festive season and Dry January available in Sofitel properties (Le Blanc, ginger, peach).

Practical information

French Bloom’s collection of alcohol-free French sparkling wine is now available in-room in the minibar to complement the alcoholic & soft offer and in the more than 280 bars and restaurants of Sofitel hotels.

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