Helsinki Partners continues to welcome submissions for the 90 Day Finn Program 2024

HELSINKI, FINLAND – Helsinki Partners announce that it is continuing to accept applications for the renowned 90 Day Finn Program. This unique initiative, which has garnered international acclaim, offers corporate executives, business developers, and innovation leaders a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse themselves in Helsinki’s thriving business ecosystem.

Set to run from August to November 2024, the program is designed for decision-makers looking to explore new markets and innovative business opportunities in Europe. Participants will be provided with exclusive access to industry events, networking opportunities, and a deep dive into the local Finnish culture – including, but not limited to, networking in a traditional Finnish sauna!

The 90 Day Finn Program is more than just a business development opportunity; it is a chance to experience the Finnish way of life, known for its exceptional work-life balance and community-centric living. The program includes a 30-day intensive immersion period, recommended for all participants, followed by an optional 60-day extension for deepening local connections and further exploring business and lifestyle opportunities in Finland.

Helsinki Partners emphasizes that the program is particularly suited for corporate decision-makers, industry thought leaders, and digital creatives.

Participants in the program can expect to engage in various activities, including 3-4 short events per week, designed to integrate them into the Finnish business landscape and culture. The program also provides a supportive platform for participants to carry out their daily work while exploring the unique life-work balance that Helsinki offers.

Previous participants have praised the program for its effectiveness in facilitating valuable connections and providing insights into Helsinki’s dynamic business environment. Boutros Lama, a CEO and 90 Day Finn 2023 participant, noted, “Helsinki Partners is the golden ticket for making connections in Helsinki. What would normally take a lot of effort to figure out, you can just ask Helsinki Partners and get the solution.”

The selection process for the program includes two virtual interview rounds, with a remote onboarding phase scheduled for May – June 2024. This preparatory phase ensures that participants are well-equipped for their transformative journey in Finland.

Helsinki Partners is a city marketing, investment, and talent attraction company owned by the City of Helsinki. It is dedicated to helping business professionals, founders, investors, and talents discover and leverage the opportunities in Helsinki’s innovative and sustainable business environment.

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