Recruitment of aircrew at City Airlines begins

The Lufthansa Group‘s newest airline, City Airlines, is preparing for its operational launch in summer 2024. The new airline is getting its flight operations ready for take-off and is starting the recruitment process for cockpit and cabin crew with immediate effect. In particular, City Airlines is looking for experienced colleagues for the cockpit and the cabin. Interested newcomers are also highly welcome at City Airlines. New training courses will start next year.

The offers for new employees at City Airlines include attractive salaries and employment conditions. In line with City Airlines’ long-term staffing strategy, English-speaking pilots are also welcome to apply for cockpit positions.

For those interested in switching within the Lufthansa Group, offers can be negotiated based on voluntary transfer conditions, especially for Lufthansa CityLine employees. Talks with the social partners to agree on conditions for competitive and secure jobs have already begun.

“We are getting started and creating prospects for new and experienced colleagues with attractive working conditions in Germany,” says Jens Fehlinger, Chief Operating Officer of City Airlines. “Our guests on board can look forward to a dedicated team and a flight experience with the well-known Lufthansa quality on their flights with City Airlines.” 

City Airlines was founded last year and received its operator certificate (AOC) from the German Federal Aviation Authority in June 2023. As a provider of short and medium-haul routes from the Munich and Frankfurt hubs, City Airlines will also operate feeder flights for Lufthansa.

This addition is essential for the Lufthansa Group’s market position and the planned growth of the long-haul business in the German market.

City Airlines will start its flight operations in summer 2024 with the Airbus A319 aircraft type. In addition, the Lufthansa Group is also evaluating the possibility of using aircraft of a comparable size, such as the Airbus A220 or Embraer, for City Airlines.

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