Nine things you cannot miss in Scotland

Some of the most well-known features of this Celtic nation are its serene loch views, charming castles, and Scotch whisky. And you can discover Scotland’s surprises and attractions on a trip to this proud country.

Discover the magnificent scenery of the Scottish Highlands by booking your tickets on British Airways flights. You’ll be amazed by these breathtaking natural wonders, like Loch Ness and the stunning Isle of Skye. Remember to sample some authentic Scottish food and take in the lively ambience of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

The National Museum of Scotland
The National Museum of Scotland, located on Chambers Street in Edinburgh, is a wonderful antiquated relic. It’s additionally one of the most well-liked outside of London in the UK and has a year-round calendar of changing events and exhibitions. From ancient fossils to mediaeval armour, there is something for everyone to explore and learn from at the National Museum of Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle

With its centuries-long dominance over the capital’s skyline, Edinburgh Castle serves as a real icon of Scotland. It’s situated strangely atop a dormant volcano. It claims the top spot as the most popular paid attraction in Scotland.

Greyfriars Kirkyard
The story of Greyfriars Bobby has become an iconic attraction in Edinburgh for many years, drawing both adults and children. Take an informative guided tour, go around the kirkyard, and take photos near the memorial statue.

Edinburgh Zoo

You can make it an excellent family-day trip destination for the vast variety of animals from all over the world. This must-see place offers encounters with chimpanzees along the Budongo Trail and a chance to see penguins in the famous Penguin Parade.

Scottish National Gallery

Enjoy the artwork of classic Scottish painters displayed in the Scottish Gallery. The Scottish Gallery showcases a stunning collection of artwork by renowned Scottish painters. Immerse yourself! It is in the rich history and culture of Scotland that you admire the masterpieces created by these talented artists.

Stirling Castle
In addition to being among the best-preserved Renaissance structures in the entire United Kingdom, Stirling Castle is a favourite home of many Scottish kings and queens.

Seek out ancient Scottish culture, as there are plenty of ways to encounter it. You won’t see Scots strolling around in kilts and bagpipes playing since they only dress traditionally on certain occasions, like weddings!

Riverside Museum
The Glasgow Museum of Transport is located at the magnificent Riverside Museum, on the Clyde River. It is packed with interesting artefacts and vehicles that chronicle Scotland’s history and present. It’s a must-see in Glasgow and among the best locations in Scotland.

Visit a village
Killin is a small community; you walk and explore the village and see the main sights and amenities nearby. It will take hardly fifteen minutes to reach the centre of Killin, even if you are staying in a farmhouse outside of town.

Taste the cuisine and beverages of Scotland.

Scotland is famous for its haggis and whisky. You can taste foods that are special to Scotland. However, don’t drive, just walk back to the town, as Scotland has many restrictions on drinks and beverages.

Scotland is home to a wide range of yearly events that provide chances to fully experience Scottish culture.

From the Highland Games to the Edinburgh Festival, there is always something happening. You will get the chance to discover additional information about a rich cultural inheritance and its varied history and customs by participating in these events. Your recollections of Scotland’s diverse culture would last a lifetime, regardless of whether you choose to experience the ancient customs of the Highland Games or the live music at the Edinburgh Festival.

Travel to Scotland on British Airways flights to enjoy a comfortable and convenient journey. Don’t forget to try some traditional Scottish dishes like haggis and cranachan to truly immerse yourself in the local culture.

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