Ovation Global DMC signs strategic partnership with Iceland Travel

GENEVA – Ovation Global DMC announce its new Strategic Partnership with Iceland Travel, a leading destination management company in Iceland. The company has signed to join the Ovation Global DMC Strategic Partnership programme, joining our global portfolio of top-tier DMCs.

Established in 1936, Iceland Travel has been a pioneer in crafting once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. With offices in Reykjavík, the company counts on a dedicated and knowledgeable local team. Their client-focused approach ensures authentic and memorable experiences while preserving Iceland’s natural environment.

The full-service agency brings a diverse portfolio and strong local ties to the community to ensure high-quality results. Leveraging its deep connections with businesses and suppliers, the team’s in-depth local knowledge, and the commitment to sustainability, Iceland Travel can deliver exceptional programmes every day.

 “This partnership with Ovation Global DMC opens up new opportunities for both companies to deliver exceptional travel experiences that showcase the beauty of Iceland while preserving its unique natural environment, highlights Sesselja Dagbjört Gunnarsdóttir, MICE Manager of Iceland Travel. It will further enhance our ability to service high-volume clients, and offer unparalleled flexibility and know-how.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Iceland Travel, states Rutger Hoorn, Vice President of Global Sales & Strategic Partnerships. This collaboration allows us to combine our passion for delivering exceptional experiences with Iceland Travel’s unparalleled expertise, unlocking limitless opportunities that will set a new benchmark for travel in Iceland.”

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