New app launches at Shannon Airport to assist US bound passengers

The travel experience will now become even easier for passengers travelling to the United States from Shannon Airport with the introduction of a new innovative Mobile Passport Control app (MPC).

MPC is a free mobile app, designed to streamline the traveller’s entry process into the United States by reducing inspection time at the US pre-clearance facility in Shannon Airport.

US-bound passengers can now simply complete part of the pre-clearance process on the new app before coming to the airport. Through the secure app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, passengers can create a profile using their passport information, which will then allow them to submit their travel documentation, photo and customs declaration electronically, removing the need to complete a paper declaration form.

MPC is the latest in a series of measures introduced by Shannon Airport to make transatlantic travel as seamless as possible for customers. In 2009, Shannon became the first airport in the world outside of the Americas to have full United States Preclearance services, meaning passengers arrive in the US from Ireland as domestic passengers, allowing them to avoid immigration queues upon arrival and pick up their bags and go. It remains one of only two airports in Europe to have US pre-clearance facilities.

Building on this, in 2016, Shannon Airport became the first airport in the world to operate a combined European compliant and US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) compliant checkpoint system which means the passenger is screened only once to both regulatory standards and therefore eliminates the additional screening requirements which apply at other pre-clearance airports. These provisions, combined with the airport’s hi-tech security screening, shorter queues, sensory room and age friendly initiatives, mean it has never been easier to fly from Shannon.

Commenting, Niall Kearns, Airport Director said:At Shannon Airport, our approach is centred around ‘making it easy’ for passengers, so we are delighted with the latest addition of Mobile Passport Control for US-bound passengers.”

“As one of only two airports in Europe to offer US pre-clearance facilities, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a seamless airport experience. The MPC app, in addition to our existing time-saving US pre-clearance facilities, mean passengers can now avail of an even shorter pre-clearance process and will have more time to relax and enjoy their airport experience. When they touch down on US soil, they also have the added benefit of landing as domestic passengers having completed the entire pre-clearance process prior to departure from Shannon. 

“We know our passengers will be very pleased with this latest time-saving technology, which further bolsters our commitment to ensuring a quick and efficient travel process for our customers.”

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