Lanzarote sets October records for Irish and English holiday makers

Lanzarote has emerged as the front-runner in the Canary Islands holiday destination race, setting remarkable records for Irish and English holidaymakers in 2023.

Lanzarote, which is a Spanish territory, is a volcanic island in the Canary Islands archipelago, located off the west coast of Africa.

The allure of this Canary Island is a mix of its landscape, culture, and warm climate with over 300 days of annual sunshine.

In 2023, Lanzarote set new records for the number of Irish and English holiday makers. In October 2023 alone Lanzarote welcomed a record 167,392 tourists from just the UK and Ireland making it the highest number this year.

There are several reasons for this growing popularity. First, Lanzarote has a warm climate year-round, with average temperatures ranging from the mid twenties to high thirties in the summer.. This makes it a perfect destination for a winter getaway. By comparison to its European peers Lanzarote is very affordable,with the cost of living one of the lowest in Europe making it a very attractive option for Europeans and even Spaniards from the mainland with discounted air fares.

Private Villas Versus Hotels In Playa Blanca
Interestingly Lanzarote is known for the number of private villas used by holiday makers versus hotels. which is high by comparison to other european destinations. If we take Lanzarotes newest and upmarket resort town of Playa Blanca, which is located on the southernmost tip of the Island just 12 kilometers from the neighboring Island of Fuerteventura. Playa Blanca is regarded as one of the jewels of the wider Canary Islands for its white low rise architecture, tranquil atmosphere and stunning surroundings.

The options available to travelers to Playa Blanca have seen much investment in recent times, just last week the new Barcelo Playa Blanca opened its doors. Located right on the waterline in Playa Blanca Marina Rubicon, it has 720 rooms and notably europes largest outdoor swimming pool, a major boost to the hotel stock of this small resort. From its humble beginnings as a small fishing village times have changed.

Tourists are choosing Villa holidays
The surge in popularity of villa holidays post covid seems to be influenced by things such as the privacy and a key demographic is multigenerational family groups. One such company Playa Blanca Holiday Villas is tapping into this demand by offering the villa experience complemented by some of the services offered by hotels.

Guest Manager Maria Jesus Molina outlined the reason villa holidays are so popular in Playa Blanca with the Irish and English tourists is that villas offer more space and privacy than hotels, villas offer a more home-from-home experience, with amenities such as private swimming pools and terraces. People love to eat out and enjoy the local nightlife but they also like to cook and entertain as families and groups and villas are perfect for this, if you just look at the online reviews of villa accommodation generally in Playa Blanca and is a very high standard and from price perspective it is much cheaper than hotels once the groups are over 6 people for example our Villa Vista Rey can accommodate groups of up to 16 so it’s perfect for multigenerational family holidays.

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