Mayhem Solutions Group talks executive protection tactics

Mayhem Solutions Group provides top-of-the-line executive security. “We deal heavily in kidnap, ransom, and extortion,” says COO Daniel Langlois. “Those are the huge things to consider when you are a company executive.”

In the high-stakes world of executive travel, ensuring the safety of executives and their families is paramount. Daniel Langlois, Chief Operating Officer of Mayhem Solutions Group, recently shed light on the comprehensive approach his company takes to protect high-value individuals.

Langlois outlined the multifaceted hazards that executives face, especially during travel. These perils aren’t dissimilar to those faced by members of Congress or the Senate, requiring a level of protection akin to the presidential bubble.

One of the critical areas of focus for Mayhem Solutions Group is carrying out an online digital review to identify potential vulnerabilities. This becomes particularly relevant when an executive travels with family. For instance, if a teenager is snapping photos and sharing them online, it doesn’t take much skill to determine where these pictures were taken and track down the executive’s location, putting not only the executive, but also their family, at risk. Mayhem Solutions Group knows the ins and outs of avoiding becoming a victim. “When you’re traveling, it may not be that you were targeted; you were just a target of opportunity,” Langlois warns.

Comprehensive protection plan
To combat these risks, Mayhem Solutions Group devises a comprehensive protection plan. “What we’re able to do is really come up with an entire plan,” says Langlois. “And that may be you need to have a computer that does the bare minimum that can be wiped remotely. So you’re not bringing your personal cellphone with all these contacts that could be compromised during a kidnap, ransom, and extortion (KR&E) situation. Those are high-threat risk considerations, especially when you’re traveling, as it may not be that you were targeted; you were just a target of opportunity.” Those are the huge things to consider when you are a company executive.

Importantly, the need for protection isn’t limited to CEOs. Any executive could potentially be targeted. To identify these threats, Mayhem Solutions Group performs a thorough risk analysis to determine their vulnerabilities and associated solutions to mitigate the effects of potential threats.

Langlois stresses the importance of providing real-time updates. By monitoring global events, socio-economic trends, and social media monitoring, Mayhem Solutions Group can inform clients about incidents that could affect their travel.

Mayhem Solutions Group can provide local assets — vetted individuals and resources that live in the area and understand the regional threat landscape. These security drivers and agents can safely transport the executive, navigating potential threats and ensuring the executive reaches their destination and business meetings safely.

“Companies may require a Security Operations Center (SOC) as a central hub of information and intelligence for their executives,” he explains. “It may observe camera systems, track visitor management platforms, and monitor access control, but there’s a much larger picture that a SOC may provide. They can coordinate security support and information to the executive so that they’re safe, the company’s brand reputation is safe, intellectual property is safe, and more importantly, that their family members are safe during travel. . Additionally, they can coordinate with a security advance team and liaise with local law enforcement prior to an executive’s travel plans, both in the US and abroad. A development of a SOC is crucial for an enterprise solution to a global company with executives all around the world.

Mayhem Solutions Group assessed vulnerabilities
One area that Langlois highlighted is the susceptibility to threats even when traveling on private planes. “Just because an executive goes into a specific part of the airport doesn’t mean that there aren’t listening devices or an ability to be tracked,” he shares. The advent of small tracking devices like Apple AirTags has made it easier than ever to track an individual’s movements. Mayhem Solutions Group provides guidance to executives on how to check for such devices and ensure their safety.

Langlois emphasized the interconnectedness of global events and how they can influence the threat landscape. “Events that are happening over in the Middle East influence what’s happening in Latin America, which influences our US southern border,” he notes. “And similar events could be happening in North Korea, China, andRussia which are all interconnected as possible threat indicators to executives traveling. We see it all the time. We also have a network of intelligence analysts who work in the corporate and government sector that if you move, if you’re going to a specific country, we can tap into those digital and local resources.”

To navigate these complexities, Mayhem Solutions Group leverages its network in both the corporate and government sectors. This enables the firm to provide up-to-date, relevant information.

Langlois also touched on the importance of insurance, specifically for kidnapping and ransom situations. While it’s a topic often not discussed due to its sensitivity, it’s an essential aspect of ensuring the safety of high-value individuals.

In our increasingly interconnected and high-risk world, executive travel security transcends beyond the simple navigation from point A to B.

As Daniel Langlois articulates, it mandates a broad-spectrum approach encompassing digital reviews, risk analysis, real-time updates, and leveraging local assets. It’s a vast and intricate domain requiring an in-depth comprehension of global events, advanced technology, and a robust network of resources. The mission is clear: to furnish as much information and support as feasible to safeguard not just the executives, but also their families. With these comprehensive measures, executives can concentrate on their business affairs with the peace of mind that their safety is well protected.

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