TripArc partners with GIATA to improve hotel data management

BERLIN – TripArc, a travel technology company, provides an advanced booking solution for travel advisors and trip designers. Designed by travel advisors for travel advisors, their unique solution supports travel professionals in unlocking their full potential and providing new avenues to generate more revenue.

As part of this approach, TripArc has partnered with GIATA to leverage its advanced hotel and room mapping solutions. This includes MultiCodes, the hotel mapping industry standard that uniquely identifies accommodation to prevent duplicates, and Room Type Mapping, designed to reduce the list of different room names, standardizing and grouping them, and selecting the best room price. These solutions empower TripArc and its partners with a streamlined and efficient process for managing hotel data, ensuring accuracy and consistency in information across diverse platforms.

“Our partnership with TripArc demonstrates our shared commitment to excellence in the luxury travel sector. We hope to raise the levels of service and information available to key travelers globally by combining our knowledge with TripArc’s unique vision.”, said Rainer Schäfer, VP Sales at GIATA.

“We’re pleased to partner with GIATA, a provider of the world’s largest hotel content database, to improve our hotel data management as we continue to strive to become the leading technology provider for travel advisors,” said Dave Volman, President at TripArc. “This partnership is a clear demonstration of our commitment to innovative solutions that drive efficiency and increased profitability for our valued partners and members.”

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