European Union banned Turkish Southwind Airlines from its airspace

The European Union officially banned, on March 28, 2024, the Turkish airline Southwind from its airspace, due to its – alleged – Russian control. The ban also includes partner airline Air Cairo.

Initially, Traficom, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, banned the Turkish carrier from flying to Finland due to its Russian ties on March 25. Jarkko Saarimäki, general manager of Traficom, said that the substantial ownership and effective control of Southwind Airlines was not in the hands of Turkish corporate entities or individuals – instead, the airline was effectively controlled by Russians. The EU then accused the airline of being effectively controlled by Russia. “Our overall assessment shows that a significant portion of ownership and effective control is not held by Turkish individuals or companies.”

The airline, whose legal name is Cortex Havacilik Ve Turizm Ticaret, is on the EU Aviation Safety Agency‘s (EASA) List of Approved Third Country Carriers (TCO) under its legal name. According to the listing, the airline’s Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC), TR-025, is Turkish.

Southwind Airlines was established with the support of the Russian-based Pegas Touristik travel agency to operate flights to and from Russia. Southwind also flies to Germany, Switzerland, Greece, North Macedonia and Italy and has a fleet of approximately 12 aircraft.

The EU ban is effective immediately.

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