Departure Media Airport Advertising secures exclusive advertising contract at Des Moines International Airport

CHARLESTON, SC – Leading airport advertising company Departure Media has embarked on a new partnership with Des Moines International Airport (DSM).

Departure Media will manage the design, implementation, sales, and maintenance of the advertising program across the entire airport terminal. The collaboration marks Departure Media’s first step into the Iowa market, expanding its client base and further bolstering its presence in the Midwest. Currently, the airport advertising company’s Midwest client-base includes Kansas City International Airport, Peoria International Airport, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and Dayton International Airport.

As part of the new advertising program, which launched in November 2023, Departure Media will be creating more opportunities for local and regional advertisers looking to promote their brand.  Within days of the official contract start, the team updated all advertising inventory, including digital displays, and introduced customized campaigns to promote specific events in the Des Moines area, such as local festivals and conferences. In addition to eight new advertisers, Departure Media secured new contracts with 100% of the previous advertisers.

Departure Media founder and CEO Leslie Bensen commented: “This new partnership cements our growing presence in the Midwest and the relationships we’ve been building with airports across the region. This is an exciting time for Des Moines International Airport and Departure Media since it is an era of growth for both of us. With plans to expand and rejuvenate the airport, it’s particularly gratifying to be working alongside them. 

“Using our capabilities as a specialist in working with mid-sized airports, we look forward to drawing on our creative ability to improve the experience of passengers at Des Moines International. We’re committed to showcasing the local community of the airports we work with, and we’re certain our advertising program at DSM will do much to help the city offer a warm welcome to passengers from across the country.”

“Our confidence in Departure Media stems from their proven track record managing successful advertising programs in airports like ours,” said Ni Wagner, Des Moines Airport Authority director of finance. “We believe their customized and forward-thinking approach will serve local businesses and the traveling public well, and we look forward to working together.”

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