Do CBD gummies for flight anxiety really work

Globally, more than 4% of people suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder, which makes it the most common mental illness in the world. A large number of people have a fear of heights, and it makes their anxiety quite worse when they get on a plane.

Many factors trigger flight anxiety, like fear of a plane crash, fear of missing the flight, lack of rest or sleep before onboarding, uncertainty of going to a new environment, and more.

All these factors can make it very difficult for you to enjoy the journey and may result in severe panic and distress. CBD gummies for anxiety can be a savior at such times, so let’s take a look at how they might work like a charm when you take them for your next air journey.

What’s special about CBD gummies
CBD gummies are the fastest-growing segment of CBD products in the USA. The reason behind this is simple: gummies are tasty, affordable, portable, and much more fun to consume as compared to other CBD products.

They often come in delicious and exotic flavors, which mask the earthy hemp taste that is common in CBD tinctures. Next, they are quite convenient; you don’t need a dropper or anything to measure them.

Just tear open the packet, pop it in your mouth, and chew away while savoring the blend of nectar-like flavors and the goodness of cannabinoid-rich hemp extract.

They are already precisely dosed, so you can manage the amount of concentration without worrying about eating too much accidentally. Though one thing to note is their bioavailability, which is quite low as compared to CBD oils, tinctures, or vapes and results in a longer duration of onset times.

This happens because CBD gummies first pass through your digestive tract before getting metabolized; hence, it may take an hour or two before you experience the calmness taking over. But this slow-onset time is what makes naked gummies perfect for flight anxiety. Most of the time, passengers are expected to reach the airport a few hours earlier.

So you can take them before leaving for the airport, and by the time your flight finally takes off, gummies will start working like charm and curb your anxiety levels.

CBD gummies can also help you sleep better on longer or connecting flights, as they have proven to be effective in promoting a restful sleep cycle. Let’s try to understand these benefits further in detail.

In what ways CBD gummies can help with flight anxiety
Now that we know what makes gummies special over other CBD products, let’s dive in and understand how they can help you with flight anxiety.

Curb anxiety before, during, and after a flight
Anxiety affects people in different ways. Some may panic before onboarding, some may get scared and stressed during turbulence in the air, and some may feel dreadful after landing. CBD gummies can reduce anxiety in all these situations and help you enjoy your journey with ease.

CBD Helps with post-flight fatigue
Post-flight sleep troubles are commonly known as jet lag. This mainly happens when you travel in different time zones, and it can hinder your sleep cycle for a few days.

It can affect your mood, make it difficult to concentrate, and also disturb your mental and physical performance. CBD gummies can make jet lag go away faster because of their healing and therapeutic calming effects.

Make travel easy by reducing pain
Chronic pain can be triggered by changes in environmental factors. Old people often complain about an increase in joint pain, hip pain, and other chronic pain issues when they have to travel.

This applies to flights as well, as the long journey, change in place, and lots of traveling can make flight time full of unbearable pain.

Taking CBD gummies can help with such chronic pain issues, as CBD is scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory properties.
Gummies can make your pain levels go down or completely go away during or after the flight.

How many gummies should I take before flight
Usually, going with the dosage recommended by the brand on a gummy bottle is the best choice. But still, there are many factors like body chemistry, metabolism, tolerance levels, and more that can result in different intensities of effects for different people.

If you are new to CBD and unsure about it and plan to take it before your next flight, it’s best to go with a low dose. You can start with 10–15 mg of CBD, which usually translates to one or half gummy.

Just make sure to buy from reputable vendors that provide all the details about the exact amount of CBD concentration in each gummy cube.
So yeah, start slow, try different routines, mix up the dosage, give it some time, and soon you’ll find your sweet spot. CBD gummies won’t take away your flight anxiety right away, but in a few minutes to an hour or two, they’ll start affecting the CB1 and CB2 receptors of your body’s endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is spread throughout the body and is responsible for maintaining homeostasis. CBD just enhances its overall functioning, and as a result, we feel less anxious, pain-free, calm, focused, and at ease.

The final thoughts
To sum it up, yes, CBD gummies do work for flight anxiety. CBD has anti-anxiety, pain-relieving, and sleep-inducing properties, which can make it easier for you to calm down and enjoy your journey.

Gummies can help you sleep better during long flights, which eliminates the risk of getting scared and panicked due to turbulence. They also help you recover better after you land and curb the symptoms of jet lag. Another way CBD gummies can help you during a flight is by keeping your chronic pain in check.

But it’s better to eat them before leaving for the airport, as not all of them allow you to carry them with you on a flight.

Though TSA does let you carry hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% THC in less than a three-ounce volume. But still, rules may vary from state to state; hence, read on about the CBD rules for flights, airports, and places you will be going.

Just make sure to get your CBD gummies for anxiety only from reputable, established, trusted, and well-tested vendors like Colorado Botanicals. Also, for beginners, it’s recommended to always start with a low dose, and then gradually increase the dosage with time for subsequent flights.

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