Journey appoint new Business Development Manager for Mexico and Costa Rica

Journey appoint Barrett Caldwell as Business Development Manager for both Journey Mexico and Costa Rica, working directly with our travel partners in the United States and Canada, offering advisor training, sales support, and customer assistance.

Barrett brings hands-on experience in the luxury travel industry to the team, having previously served in a Business Development role at both Roadtrips and Ker & Downey. He’s excited to be back on the trade show circuit to reconnect with his contacts in person, bringing a love for adventure travel, local food, meeting partners on the ground, and unlocking experiences in emerging destinations to his professional relationships. Barrett says, “The enthralling part of my role at Journey is that daily I get to showcase and remind people how much Mexico and Costa Rica have to offer. There’s diversity in culture, adventure in the rainforest, relaxation along the coasts, and curiosity in the cuisine.”

Originally from Charleston, SC, Barrett currently calls Nashville, TN home. Having visited over 70 countries, his wanderlust was sparked during his time as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Coast Guard, where he visited 22 nations while fostering partnerships for U.S. Embassies abroad. We love how his passion for learning from different cultures, making a meaningful connection with local people and places, and ability to craft off-the-beaten-path travel experiences align with Journey’s immersive and innovative luxury trips.

“The magic of destinations delivered by Journey centers around the idea of locally connecting to people, places, and properties in an enriching and sustainable way,” said Barrett. “My recent foray across Mexico had me meeting local guides in Chiapas, climbing ancient Mayan ruins in the Yucatan, sitting down for a top 50 restaurant in the world within the heart of Mexico City, and looking out for whales in Puerto Vallarta amongst crashing waves.”

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