Azores Airlines offers Simple fare on all its routes

The airline Azores Airlines is now offering the Simple fare on all of its routes, with the aim of providing tickets at reduced prices that are more appealing to its passengers, regardless of their travel destination.

Simple represents the tickets with the lowest purchase price in Azores Airlines’ Economy Class and includes hand luggage up to 8kg. It has been designed for those who wish to travel with cabin luggage only. This fare competes in a market segment that prioritizes price over other attributes and has been the target of growing demand.

The Simple fare is part of the fare model Azores Airlines launched at the beginning of this year. This fare model lets passengers choose which product they want for their long, medium, or short trip, for work, for leisure or with family.

The fare model launched by Azores Airlines at the beginning of this year consists of six different fare families, distributed in two service classes – Economy Class and Comfort Class (commonly called Business Class). This model responds to the consumption patterns of travelers, which indicate that passengers requirements, expectations, and priorities are increasingly influenced by the purpose and moment of their journey.

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