50 Degrees North becomes a Certified B Corporation

MINNEAPOLIS – The Scandinavian tour specialist, 50 Degrees North, announce that after a rigorous 18-month journey of demonstrating their commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices, their group of companies is now a Certified B Corporation.

As a B Corporation, companies are part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. 50 Degrees North joins this global community of responsible businesses that are leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

“Becoming a Certified B Corp is a significant milestone that reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainable and responsible travel, as well as the health of our employees, customers, local communities, and destinations”, said Tietse Stelma, the Co-Founder and CEO at 50 Degrees North. “Sustainable travel is not just a trend. For all of us in the travel industry, this comprehensive approach to sustainability that the B Corp Certification represents also makes us more resilient in the face of increasing environmental and social challenges.”

In line with their commitment to responsible travel, 50 Degrees North will continue to explore ways to further their positive impact on the travel industry. In 2022, the company published their Climate Action Plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Earlier this year, 50 Degrees North began adding Carbon Labels on their tours to track the carbon footprint of each tour and published an Impact Report for 2022. The B Corp Certification is a further recognition and consolidation of 50 Degrees North’s commitment to aligning its business goals with the protection of both people and the planet.

The article 50 Degrees North becomes a Certified B Corporation first appeared in TravelDailyNews International.

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