Zurich becoming creativity hotspot of Europe

NEW YORK – Perhaps better known for its quaint, historic old town and its charming character, Zurich is also a vibrant, 21st-century global city, home to some of the most dynamic art, culture, design, nightlife and gastronomy in Europe. New urban developments continue to pop up across Zurich’s outlying neighborhoods, attracting the likes of young entrepreneurs and artists across the city, such as in the trendy Altstetten district in the west of Zurich.

The former workshops of Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) in the Altstetten district are currently being transformed into Werkstadt Zürich (“Werkstatt” translates to “Garage” and “Stadt” translates to “City”), a multi-use space that features housing, commercial spaces, art studios, workshops, pop-ups, restaurants, coffee shops and cultural venues, as well as offices for start-ups, tech companies and more. With the goal of becoming a mini Silicon Valley of sorts, this new destination is attracting young entrepreneurs and trendy new shops, many of which have already opened their doors. The project is set to be fully completed by 2025, but many companies are already calling Werkstadt Zürich home.

ViCafe Espressobar (Photo: unbekannt)

Companies and entrepreneurs that can be found at Werkstadt Zürich include ViCafe Espresso Roastery, Zurich Beer Factory, Greek-Mediterranean restaurant Nüni, ZURIGA espresso machine manufacturers and Soeder beauty products. ZURIGA has been developing and producing high-quality espresso machines in Zurich since 2016. A non-profit company, ZURIGA designs, develops, manufactures, imports and sells their own espresso machines, in addition to running their own stores. Soeder, a family business founded in Zurich in 2013, produces natural beauty products in a variety of scents and products, including soap, face cream, deodorant and shampoo. Their main focus is on sustainability and using only all-natural ingredients, such as wheat protein and Swiss honey.

Beyond Werkstadt, the Altstetten district is a destination in and of itself for its thrift shops and unique finds for any traveler. In the summertime, visitors can explore the nearby island, Werdinsel on the River Limmat, where locals love to take a refreshing jump into crystal clear water at the end of the day.

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