Best Road Trip- Will You Travel 22 Countries on A Bus?

Are you willing to travel 22 countries on a bus?

Have you ever wanted to crisscross different countries without worrying about passport visas or other things? How about taking a two-month road trip without having to drive or thinking about where to stop for gas? Starting in August 2023, Bus to London (a brainchild of the founders of Adventures Overland) will take passengers on the longest bus ride through 22 countries, from Istanbul to London.

The journey starts this August (2023) and will be the most extended bus trip ever.

It will be a luxury, expensive way to travel but the company will handle everything, including food and visas from different countries. They want you to have a good time and not worry about it.

About the Bus To London- Travel 22 Countries On A Bus

The 56-day excursion will set passengers back by $24,300.

Even though the price is high but it will include everything from breakfast to dinners and visa requirements when you travel 22 countries on a bus.

The biggest draw here is that you’re not behind the wheel. It’s going to take a lot of work, though. Road trips can sometimes be dampened by the need to go long-distances too long. Especially when

You’ll journey through countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, and more. The entire ride will last two months, and the seats are built to be comfortable enough for such a long journey.
They’ll be able to recline and do things regular bus seats wouldn’t be able to.

You’ll get to explore parts of Eastern Europe less widely popular for travelers and see the countryside from a summer perspective.

Why To Go For This Roadtrip?

Imagine staring out a window and watching the world drive by for hours.

This might be perfect for solo travelers who would be okay with being confined to a smaller space but are also open to meeting new people.

Since the bus isn’t a mega one, we’re sure you’ll meet your neighbors and form some bonds through the shared experience.

If you have yet to hear of the Great Atlantic Road, it’s been quoted as the most beautiful drive in Norway and one you should check very soon.

The price includes hotel breaks to stay in and stretch your legs for a night or two. You’ll even get on the famous EV Ferries on the Great Atlantic Road.

About the Company Adventures Overland

Bus to London was started in 2012 by Adventures Overland.

Adventures Overland is a company by Sanjay Madan and Tushar Agarwal. The company offers adventure cross-border road trip that takes you from India through six continents and 70 countries.

It’s the type of company for extreme travelers that want to have an experience they will always remember.

Due to the COVID pandemic that started almost three years ago, the company had to slow down on its trips. But now it’s back with a new road trip. And this roadtrip to travel 22 countries on a bus, is expected to be the longest bus ride known to humankind.


If you’re still unsure about this type of trip, consider all the experiences you’ll have encapsulated into two months.

This is the type of journey that can make for a life-long memory and a good one. It is perfect for couples, solo travelers, or even a small family that wants to do something drastic this summer season.

This opportunity to travel 22 countries on a bus may prove to be a life changing journey! It may help you get that much needed break from the monotonous schedule we all are stuck in.

This looks like a good deal to add some checks to your travel bucket list!

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