What is an ideal evening desert safari itinerary in Dubai

Away from skyscrapers, busy roads and hustle of the city, lies the incredible desert world from which Dubai came into existence. To explore its rich culture, traditions and beauty, there are different desert safari tours that you can choose from. If you are not a morning person or wish to do away with the afternoon heat, an evening desert safari in Dubai will be the ideal choice. You can also opt for an overnight desert safari and spend the entire night in the Bedouin camp. Nevertheless, an evening desert safari has a unique charm as well. To dive deeper into the perfect list of things to expect on an evening desert safari Dubai give this article a read.

List of activities on an evening desert safari in Dubai
An evening desert safari is the best way to have the most memorable evening in Dubai. Some of the major attractions of an evening desert safari in Dubai are discussed below:

Dune bashing
The first activity that might come as a surprise to you on your way to an evening desert safari in Dubai is dune bashing. An evening desert safari starts with pickup from your stay at around 3-3:30 pm in a 4×4 vehicle. As you approach your destination by traveling amidst the desert sands expect some adrenaline rush from your car hitting the high sand dunes with full speed. It is an extremely exciting activity that will leave you all breathless and still wanting more!

Sunset views & photography
A major attraction of an evening desert safari Dubai is the opportunity to witness the stunning sunset. As the sun sets beneath the Arabian sands, it paints the sky with colors of golden and orange. It is an amazing sight to behold or capture through the lens of your camera. Sunset photography is a popular activity on a desert safari in Dubai.

Camel rides
Now after you reach your first destination, here begins the different adventure activities. Since it gets almost dark by this time, the list of activities are limited. However, you can enjoy a camel ride and head towards the Bedouin camp. Camels are the traditional means of transportation in the Arabian deserts. Get a taste of the traditional practices by hopping on in one of the camels and have beautiful views of the desert. You can also try out other activities like sandboarding, quad biking, etc. if available during that time.

Bedouin camp activities, entertainment & food
Once you reach the Bedouin camp, get set to indulge in the most fun and entertaining part of your trip. From enjoying belly dance, to trying out traditional Arabian activities like henna painting, traditional costumes, and so much more, you can have the best experience of Arabian culture. To top it all there is the savory buffet spread of authentic Arabian cuisines that you must not miss out.

After the sumptuous dinner and a fun filled night to remember, the last part of your evening desert safari is to drop you safely at your hotel/ stay. With so much to look forward to, desert safari Dubai must be on your list while planning a trip to Dubai. To book the best desert safari packages OneClickDrive can be your reliable partner and guide.

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