Travel News: Visitor Arrivals Increase In Hong Kong In 2023

Visitor arrivals is rising in Hong Kong. For the first time since January 2020, more than 2 million visitors arrived in Hong Kong in March, according to preliminary data from the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB). Since the city’s borders were closed in March 2020, it was the first full month without any significant Covid-related travel restrictions in place.

Representatives from the sector cautioned that the tourism industry’s resurgence is threatened by a 40% staff deficit in the aviation sector.

In March, 2.45 million provisional visitor arrivals were recorded in Hong Kong, which is 68% more than in February. According to HKTB data, the amount is still about 42% lower than in March 2019.

The first quarter’s inbound visitor numbers likewise remained significantly below pre-pandemic averages. 4.41 million visitors entered the city between January and March, which is under 30% of the quarterly average from 2017 to 2019. The cooler months leading up to the Lunar New Year have always been Hong Kong’s busiest travel times.

A little more than 80% of all visitors in March came from the Chinese mainland. Despite a boost from international cruise arrivals, tourists from long-haul markets, who normally stay longer than average and tend to spend more money, made up roughly 5% of March visitor arrivals.

Recently, long-haul tour companies informed HKFP that more than just free flights would be needed to get these tourists back to the city following protests and the epidemic. The government gave away 500,000 round-trip tickets as part of its multibillion-dollar “Hello Hong Kong” campaign, which was launched in February and aimed at reviving the city’s reputation as a tourist destination.

Representatives of the aviation sector warned Hong Kong last Thursday that if it didn’t bring in more workers, it would lose its standing as an international air hub, according to RTHK.

According to Walter Li, the head of the Airline Operators’ Committee, a major barrier to Hong Kong’s post-pandemic recovery is the lack of skilled labor.

The Exciting Culture and Attractions of Hong Kong

The metropolis of Hong Kong is brimming with vitality and excitement. There is never a boring moment in this energetic metropolis with its towering skyscrapers, busy streets, and active cultural scene. Hong Kong has plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re interested in trying out regional cuisine and beverages, learning about the history and culture of the city, or taking in the great outdoors.

Hong Kong has made significant investments in building its tourism infrastructure in recent years, making it simpler than ever for tourists to experience the city. Hong Kong has worked hard to increase its accessibility and welcoming Ness to tourists, adding new museums and galleries as well as upgrading its transportation options.

Growing Numbers of Visitor Arrivals

Given the recent steady rise of visitors to Hong Kong, it is apparent that all of this effort has been worthwhile. The Hong Kong Tourism Board reports that over 65 million visitors arrived in 2018, an increase of 11.4% from the previous year. This expansion has continued into 2019, with first-quarter visitor numbers up 10% from the same period in 2018.

Several elements contribute to this growth. One is the rise in visitors from the Chinese mainland who are taking advantage of loosened visa requirements and travel restrictions. The popularity of Hong Kong as a venue for international conventions and events has also increased the number of tourists coming from all over the world.

Looking Forward

With an increase in visitors, Hong Kong is optimistic about the future. By 2025, the city’s tourism bureau hopes to welcome 100 million visitors, which is an ambitious goal. Hong Kong will keep making investments in its tourism infrastructure and try to draw tourists from a variety of markets in order to meet this objective.

This implies that there has never been a better time for tourists to visit Hong Kong. Hong Kong has something to offer everyone, whether you’re interested in discovering the city’s rich history and culture, taking in its breathtaking natural beauty, or simply soaking up the vibrant energy of this dynamic metropolis. Why not book your trip right now to partake in the excitement?

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