VisitDenmark’s Campaign Brings Mona Lisa Alive

As the antidote to bucket list travel, VisitDenmark’s new AI campaign seeks to promote the nation of LEGO®, “hygge,” and H.C. Andersen. Mona Lisa, the Statue of Liberty, and other iconic tourist destinations come to life in funny videos, sending a very simple message: Don’t come see me – visit Denmark instead. Historical and cultural icons meet cutting-edge technology in this innovative project.

VisitDenmark’s new AI campaign -Ever wondered how Mona Lisa sounded like?

Have you ever pondered what the Mona Lisa might say if she could speak? For decades, people have been intrigued by her enigmatic smile. She has now been brought to life in a series of videos produced by artificial intelligence, together with a number of other famous attractions.

The various pieces of art are speaking out, urging prospective visitors to visit Denmark and steer clear of tourist traps. Denmark emphasizes that a trip to the country is about discovering the myriad wonders that lay around every corner of the small Scandinavian country rather than ticking off the most recognized landmarks as travelers seek for more authentic experiences.

VisitDenmark’s AI Campaign Brings Mona Lisa To Life

Research Say Attractions For Travelers Are Less Appealing Now

In a recent research conducted in the UK, Germany, and Sweden, 56% of respondents said that crowded tourist attractions and landmarks were a cause of holiday dissatisfaction, and 46% agreed that “feeling like a tourist” would ruin their vacation. Instead than checking off a large list of well-known landmarks, modern travelers like to discover hidden gems and seek out experiences that are off the beaten road. Also, 57% of those polled said that traveling and seeing new locations makes for a wonderful vacation.

According to Kathrine Lind Gustavussen, a marketing expert, the current tendencies only increase the appeal of Denmark as a travel destination. We always support Denmark, of course, but since there are so many smaller, more unique experiences to be had there in everything from nature to culture, Denmark is the ideal destination for those who want to take “the road less traveled” and we warmly welcome explorers to the country of everyday wonder.

Art Historical And Technological Fusion

The VisitDenmark’s campaign is distinctive in that artificial intelligence was used to develop both the scripts and the images. The addition of scripts entirely produced by AI makes it one of the first campaigns to mix the two technologies, even if new methods like deepfake and motion synthesis have been employed to make photos come to life in recent years.

“The scripts are 100% created by AI – we didn’t write a single word. We only eliminated parts and bits that were too long or plainly untrue,” says Kathrine Lind Gustavussen, Senior PR & Press Manager for VisitDenmark. Although it felt a little scary to entrust artificial intelligence with all of our marketing, we’re thrilled to be leading the tourist sector by utilizing cutting-edge technology to realize our imaginative thoughts and messages.

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