Unveiling Skycop LTD: An in-depth exploration

Getting a reimbursement proves to be a complicated process that still leads to a dead end for many travelers. It also sometimes misses the public attention that airlines tend to pay the bare minimum when, in reality, you might be entitled to a bigger payment. At Skycop LTD, the focus lies in ensuring that passengers receive fair compensation for flight disruptions.

In this comprehensive Skycop review, we’ll dive deep into this company’s specifics and testimonials about its services.

Brief history of Skycop LTD
As a company, Skycop was established in early 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania. During its first year, the company was able to strike a partnership with the Prienai basketball club, which was competing in the Lithuanian Basketball League. And by the next year, Skycop LTD had managed to become the club’s title sponsor. Several major players joined the team during this period, drawing significant international attention. So off to a good start with the first investments.

In 2019, Sky cop launched a campaign across Barcelona’s subway stations and buses. The campaign, featuring slogans such as “You don’t love customers,” was aimed at Spain’s Vueling airline, in response to Vueling’s slogan “We love places.”

Fast-forward to 2022, Skycop experienced a significant milestone. Tomas Vaišvila, a seasoned industry professional with a background as the former CEO of Vilnius International Airport and a longstanding employee at the Avia Solutions Group, acquired it. Under the new management, the company continued to grow and attract more industry finest. And this is where we are currently with the state of the company.

Skycop’s services
As enraging as it can get, that’s exactly what Skycop guarantees to deal with for you. The company operates in compliance with European Regulation No 261/2004, as well as other pertinent local laws. The company has a team of lawyers who assess each case and apply claims on behalf of their customers. The main services that they have to offer are:

compensation claim
extra expenses return claim
Skycop Care subscription

The company specializes in advocating for passengers affected by flight delays, cancellations, and overbooking. Their team navigates the complexities of the claims process, from gathering documentation to negotiating with airlines.

The idea is that passengers can focus on their travel plans with peace of mind, while Skycop will argue with an airline for them. The agency assures its clients of resolving the compensation claim. Once the airline in question approves, the refund is transferred to the affected party.

There is also an extra expense claim you can get assistance with. In addition to compensation for flight disruptions, Skycop can help get reimbursement for any additional spending that happened due to these disruptions. It can be accommodation expenses, meal costs, or transportation fees. In a lot of cases, you are still entitled to get some money back, because your trip was affected due to poor handling on the part of the airline.

The company’s service helps alleviate the financial burden and general inconvenience caused by the situation. They provide necessary support both in handling the situation itself, as well as providing consultation to the customers. Third-party companies like Skycop can be an ally you desperately need when advocating for your rights. Passengers can count on their support in dealing with any challenges they encounter during their travels.

Skycop care subscription for regular trips
Introducing Skycop Care – the ultimate prepaid flight protection! With Skycop Care, travelers can enjoy comprehensive flight protection without the worry of remuneration fees. Here’s what they get:

0% Remuneration fee. No fees for an unlimited number of flights covered under Skycop Care.
Assistance with flight compensations. Skycop handles all aspects of claiming compensation for flight disruptions on your behalf.
Claiming priority. Travelers benefit from priority handling, which generally speeds up the process of applying for compensation.
Assistance with missed flights. If you want to ensure pro support in case you miss flights, Skycop will minimize the inconvenience.
SmartDelay. You’ll be able to stay informed and prepared with real-time updates and assistance during the delays.
Additional expenses assistance. You’ll get help with reimbursement for extra expenses incurred due to flight disruptions.
Help with lost luggage. If you lose your luggage during the trip, Skycop’s managers will help handle this situation.
Premium aupport & assistance. Skycop assures that they will provide top-notch customer support with the subscription, making pre-paid customers their priority.

Basically, Skycop Care will give you more confidence when you plan your journey. Considering that something can always go wrong with flights, knowing you have a prepaid package covering most issues can be a relief. Additionally, Skycop offers different plans to accommodate various budgets. It includes plans from one month to one year. They also provide options for single people and family packages, which is a neat detail.

Referral program
Good news: there’s a referral program. You and your friend, who was unfortunate enough to deal with a canceled trip, can get rewards that will sweeten the experience a bit. It’s a fairly easy system as well. So, let’s say you know a person whose travel plans just went haywire. Maybe their flight got canceled, or they were stuck in a delay, or even denied boarding. Skycop LTD can evaluate whether they are owed compensation. All they need to do is submit a claim through their website.

When the airline approves the claim, you and your friend get extra money with this referral program. Each of you gets a €50 Mastercard gift card. You spread the word, your friend receives assistance while dealing with their issue, and then both of you get a bonus out of it. It’s not a terrible deal at all. So, next time you hear about someone facing negative consequences of travel chaos, maybe point them in Skycop’s direction.

Customer reviews

Here are a few testimonials about the Skycop LTD service:
“Sky cop truly came through when my flight was canceled unexpectedly. I was in a panic trying to get a ticket for another plane from Katowice – Bristol. Skycop put me at ease. Thanks to them, I received compensation from Wizz Air two weeks later.”

“Skycop exceeded all my expectations. I had heard about their services but was skeptical. However, when I reached out, they responded quickly and helped me make sense of the situation. Their team helped me get a refund for my Varna-Cologne flight.”

“Dealing with my canceled flight was incredibly stressful. Skycop LTD support made all the difference. I’d rather stay in touch with Skycop than waste my time on an argument with Wizz Air. I got my money back for a canceled Venice-Amman ticket.”

Skycop LTD is a great option if you need to win an argument with a pesky airline over your compensation claim. The Skycop team will handle the procedure for you and keep you updated. There are several main services that cover all the needs of a regular traveler. Budget-friendly offers are available, and customer support makes a point of staying in touch. All in all, it’s a much-needed helping hand when your flight gets disrupted.

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