TTS Lab celebrates 10 years

MIAMI, FL – On December 13th, TTS Lab, the research and development center of the company TTS -Travel Technology and Solutions, celebrated its 10th anniversary. The event took place at TTS Lab’s headquarters in the Azores, Portugal.

The event was highlighted by speeches from the two founders of TTS, Pedro Barata and Rui Figueiredo, who reflected on the company’s evolution from the founding of TTS Lab to the present, outlining a promising future. They also highlighted TTS’s continuous commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology, with an emphasis on expanding the use of artificial intelligence to enrich the solutions offered, emphasizing the importance of providing exceptional content to thousands of travel agents, spread across the world.


TTS Lab is the epicenter of ingenuity and technological advancement for TTS – Travel Technology and Solutions. It stands as the beating heart of the company’s commitment to innovation and has shaped impactful travel agents’ solutions for over a decade. This dynamic facility created solutions that seamlessly integrate into global travel agents’ operations, setting new standards, like Travelport Mobile Agent, TTS WebAgent, TTS Corporate, TTS Consolidator, and other projects.

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