TripStax technology powers new Tripgrid team travel booking tool in North America

TripStax has demonstrated the versatility of its solutions in supporting the evolution of the wider business travel industry with news that its technology is powering Tripgrid in North America.

Portland-based start-up, Tripgrid, is the first corporate online booking tool designed specifically for project, crew and team travel (PCTT). This business travel category involves logistics, risk management, mobility issues and tech solutions that often fall outside traditional meetings, events and group travel management.  Users of Tripgrid can book flights for an entire team in one booking flow, with 24/7 support, stored traveller profiles, group checkout, and real time flight tracking.  Examples of PCCT trips can include architects, engineers and construction workers; entertainment professionals; oil and gas employees; and sports teams.

The TripStax Content API enables Tripgrid to deliver GDS content to its customers, meaning Tripgrid can now offer an unparalleled, best-in-class flight inventory for booking project crew and team travel, including multi-passenger bookings on the same flight.  TripStax has also created a traveller profile solution for Tripgrid, using its TripStax Portal module, which pushes traveller profiles to the GDS at the point of booking.

Scott Wylie, Chief Technology Officer, TripStax commented: “We are delighted to be working with Tripgrid, to power delivery of GDS content to this innovative corporate booking tool, as well as create a traveller profile solution, thus helping to leapfrog their own technology roadmap.  This partnership demonstrates the strength and versatility of our technology and how it can be advantageous to other industry providers. Our vision for TripStax is not only to be a disruptor in terms of how our technology is tackling challenges faced by our core TMC customers, but also to drive collective innovation and much-needed evolution for the wider business travel industry.”

Jake Hoskins, Co-founder & CEO, Tripgrid said: “We are excited to partner with TripStax to help us drive the development of Tripgrid and the best possible customer experience and choice of booking content. The addition of GDS content to Tripgrid will be a game-changer for us, and the integration of functionality such as traveller profiles will streamline the booking process significantly.  The TripStax team are true visionaries not only in terms of what they are doing in the industry with their own technology offering, but also in the way that they are using their expertise to support start-ups such as ourselves, help us to deliver a genuinely global solution for booking PCTT.”

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