Top twelve walking holidays in Northern England

Ready to swap your sun lounger for a whopping adventure? Trade the salty air for the scent of blooming heather, the beachy sunshine for the dappled shade of an age-old forest and the soft whisper of crashing waves for the serene symphony of chirruping birds? Then, let’s stow away those flip-flops, brace up your favorite walking boots, and embark on a delightful journey, hopping from one footpath to another, across Northern England.

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Ready for this exhilarating exploration? Let’s get started!

1. Cleveland way: The sea’s symphony to the moors
Ever thought you’d witness the sea serenading the moors? When you stroll these 110 miles of cliff edge excitement and Moorish solitude, you’re munching on some fresh ‘Sea and Moor Sandwich’ filled with enchanting coastline and magical heather moorlands. It isn’t just about walking–it’s about discovering the shy creatures that call these habitats home and strolling through quaint coastal towns bathing in the symphony of the sea. And might we hint at the punch line? The dramatic union of land and sea at Saltburn cliff tops is worth every step!

2. Coast to coast: Embracing the embrace of the seas
Ready for an epic 182-mile cross-country jam, an adorable bear-hug from the Irish Sea to the North Sea? This sweeping journey takes you through a mesmerizing selection of landscapes. It is like a marathon through Mother Nature’s art exhibit or a rigorous ride on a nature-themed carousel, if you will! Humming forests, towering mountains, lush farmland, and serene beaches – all in one walk. Just when you thought It can’t get any better, throw in a sense of achievement crossing from one embrace of the sea to another, and you’re at cloud nine!

3. Dales high way: Get high on natural splendor
Pull on your elf cap and get ready for 90 miles of a jaw-droppingly stunning journey that would leave Frodo Baggins himself green with envy! With panoramas that stretch on forever and diverse terrains to challenge even the bravest hobbits among us (ring-bearer or not!), the High Way promises a heart-pounding, sweat-drenched adventure. How about a heart-to-heart with limestone pavements and hand-carved stone stairways? Consider it a bonus!

4. Dales way: A verdant journey through nature’s art gallery
Looking for a more relaxed ramble through Mother Nature’s drawing room? Step right this way! This gentle 78-mile wandering– or let’s call it the magnificent saunter– from Ilkley to Windermere is just the balm your soul needs. With the Yorkshire Dales cradling you in their peaceful bosom and inviting you into the welcoming arms of charming local communities. You’re not just passing through – you’re experiencing, connecting, relishing!

5. Hadrian’s wall walk: Roman-ticizing your pathways
Why just be history’s guest, when you can be a part of it? Welcome to the world’s “most significant Roman artifact,” Hadrian’s Wall. An iconic 84 miles studded with Roman forts like a queen’s crown. Make no small talk, for you’re not here to tread lightly. You’re stepping on the pathways of history! Each step transports you back to AD 122 when Emperor Hadrian swung his cloak dramatically and ordered the construction of the ‘not-so-tiny’ wall. Warning: random goosebumps might occur!

6. Herriot way: Baa-rilliant Yorkshire’s wildest trails
If you’ve been ‘baa-lking’ at the idea of sharing your trail with a few sheep, Herriot Way is not for you. Why? Because, me dears, it obliterates ‘personal space,’ reinventing it as a happy 52-mile shared haven filled with fleecy bodies lining every twist and turn (we wager counting them would cure the worst insomniac!). Fit snugly in the northern Yorkshire Dales, this scenic circuit is not just about sheep puns and “Wool”ywood adventure! No, siree! Here, you uncover Yorkshire’s ripping backbone — its most pronounced, stunning peaks and soul-soothing serenity like a delicate poetry in motion.

7. Lady Anne’s way: Striding in the steps of the great dame
Ready to court some history? (Dodging that bad pun, anyone?) Well, gear up to rendezvous with Lady Anne Clifford, the highbrow’ed grande dame of Northern England. Over 100 miles from Skipton to Penrith, you’ll follow in Lady Anne’s footsteps. And through a stark, stoic landscape that cradles a tantalizing infusion of history, the elegance of art, and the free-spiritedness of nature, marrying them into a trail that’s as beguiling as the indomitable and ingenious Lady herself. Mind if we say, it’s ‘Lady and Terrain-ment’ time!

8. Northumberland Coast path: A coastal carousel, ‘sea-side’ you see-inside
If your heart skips a beat at the thought of aquamarine waves lapping at sandy beaches, our little 64 miles of coastal paradise will have it doing a sprightly jig. The Northumberland Coast Path isn’t just any other walk, it’s a love letter to the sea — an ode to everything gloriously salty and breezy! Witness ancient castles doing fierce duels with punctuating winds. Those are the sleepy fishing villages stirring into life with the first rays of dawn, and serene islands that play host to flotillas of fluttering seabirds. Your every step syncs with the rhythmic dance of the crashing waves, and you can’t help but sway along!

9. Pennine way: The beauty of the beast
On your marks… get set… saunter! If this rollicking 268-mile jaunt from the Peak District through the Pennines and into Scotland was a dance, it’d be jive! Oh yes, this one’s for you, beast tamers. It’s challenging, it’s daring, and will have you panting harder than a English sheepdog in July, but boy, the rewards! Imagine exchanging whispers with nature in its rawest, most fierce form. Get ready to brace the beast of all hikes and craft soul-stirring tales of survival, strength, and splendor.

10. Settle to Carlisle way: Whistling past the dales and moors
Hope your calves are as excited as they ought to be for our next thrilling trot—a captivating 97-mile journey from Settle to Carlisle—a trip that pairs perfectly with the clickity-clack rhythm of the nearby railway. You might even be lucky enough to spot the legendary Flying Scotsman chuffing away! But don’t be fooled into thinking this walk’s all about engineering feats (thrilling though they are!). You could very well stumble on Mother Nature sketching her most expansive landscapes live! Isn’t that quite the masterpiece?

11. St Oswald’s way: Saintly steps to salvation
You know the feeling when you’re soaking your toes in the sea. The waves lapping at your ankles, eyes closed, warm sunshine on your face, and an overwhelming sense of calm takes over? That’s what it feels like to traipse through the sanctified 97-mile journey from Heavenfield to Holy Island. As we follow in the footsteps of St. Oswald, you’ll find waves of tranquillity washing over you. And the icing on the divine cake? An entrancing blend of beach walks, ferry crossings, and the sight of rolling hills playing peek-a-boo in the distance. Heavenly, isn’t it?

12. Yorkshire wolds way: England’s best kept secret
England could very well be an expert at playing ‘hide and seek’ with her most scenic landscapes. Case in point—the 79-mile route through serene chalk landscapes from Hessle to Filey, a hidden gem tucked away in the Yorkshire Wolds. Turn a corner, see a deer. Turn another, spot a hawk. It’s all wild and whimsical wonderment here. The locals may cherish their undisturbed peace, but once we’re through, this secret is going to be very poorly kept!

So, dear explorer, we’ve moonwalked, waltzed, and jived our way through some of the most captivating walks Northern England has to offer. You’ve met the fearsome beast, whistled past wonders both man-made and natural. You tread the holy path, and uncovered a secret worth sharing. Now it’s your turn to let your boots echo on these trails, to weave your own memoirs and to feel the exhilarating adventure they have to offer.

So, dust off your boots, ready your soul, and venture out to carve your name onto these fantastic trails. Remember, every story you script is a new feather in this dreamy paradise’s cap. Scroll up, pick a trail that tickled your fancy, pack your wanderlust, and off you go! Adventures await, one footstep at a time!

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