Top golf apps and websites: Tools to improve your game and track your progress

Technology has opened up a wealth of convenient tools for golfers to analyze their games and gain insights to improve. But with so many new apps and websites emerging, how do you know which ones are worthwhile? Here’s an overview of six stellar golf apps and websites that all players should utilize.

Putting Shark
For golfers wanting to upgrade their skills on the greens, the website Putting Shark is a fantastic resource. Their philosophy is that putting requires both artistry and technical precision. With proper fundamentals, tools, and practice, golfers of all levels can master this crucial aspect of the game.

Putting Shark offers in-depth putting guides, reviews on the latest putters, and perspectives from professional putting instructors. Whether you want to improve your setup, stroke mechanics, or reading abilities, Putting Shark has the advice to sink more putts.

V1 Golf app
Serious golfers need advanced tools for swing analysis, and the V1 Golf app delivers with robust recording and comparison capabilities. You can easily video your swing and review it side-by-side against 50 different touring professionals. V1’s massive database includes the swings of top players like Adam Scott, Justin Thomas, Lorena Ochoa, and more.

The seamless split-screen view allows you to compare your exact swing positions to identify any discrepancies. Use the drawing tools to highlight specifics like shoulder turn, elbow position, hip rotation, and more. If you want to build proper mechanics, V1 Golf is the perfect training aid.

Arccos app
The Arccos app provides golfers with an advanced shot tracking and analysis experience powered by artificial intelligence. It seamlessly syncs with Arccos sensors attached to your clubs to automatically record every shot you take.

Over 40,000 golf courses are mapped within the app, allowing for precise range finding and mapping of each hole. Arccos also utilizes a Strokes Gained algorithm to analyze every area of your game and provide insights on how to lower your handicap.

On average, new Arccos users see a handicap improvement of nearly 6 strokes within their first year using the app. This intelligent caddie learns your strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies over time to deliver tailored recommendations for strategy, club selection, and practice focus.

The app includes a first year membership with the purchase of a full Arccos sensor set or grip set. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices through the Arccos Smart Grips, Sensors, Cobra, and PING club sets.

Golfshot Golf GPS & Statistics
When it comes to optimizing your course strategy and performance, Golfshot GPS provides the total package. With 45,000+ mapped courses worldwide, you get precise real-time yardages to any target or hazard. Keeping digital scorecards eliminates paperwork while tracking stats like fairways hit, greens in regulation, and putts. You can analyze trends over time and set improvement goals.

The game-changing AR view overlays the actual course for plotting your way around. For robust GPS distances and post-round statistics, Golfshot delivers everything you need.
For timely news, compelling features, lifestyle content, equipment advice and more, the website is a top-tier destination. Published in partnership with Golf Magazine and Sports Illustrated, offers expansive tour coverage, journalism, galleries, buying guides, travel tips and commentary. For well-rounded golf media, provides something for every type of fan.
With decades of archives, Golf Digest is one of the most trusted voices in golf instruction, news, equipment, and humor. Their casual, engaging style makes digesting key stories and tips a breeze. Sections like ‘The Loop’ blend news with videos, celeb golf sightings, and witty observations.

Equipment addicts will love the club reviews and buying advice. If you want golf content that is both informative and entertaining, Golf Digest delivers a hole-in-one.

By utilizing these stellar apps and websites, you can track your progress and reach new milestones this year. Take advantage of the amazing digital resources available today to enjoy golf more and see your skills continually improve over time. These convenient tools provide user-friendly ways to analyze your game and get valuable insights to sharpen your skills.

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