Tips To Find Cheap Flight Tickets

For many of us the first step of a vacation is the cost of the travel. We are always searching for some tips to find cheap flight tickets. We always come across many information sources which provide us some information regarding it. But there is always some piece missing in the information. Well, you need not to worry. As we have complied a list of tips and tricks that you can apply to get cheap flight tickets.

Over the last five years Europe has seen an increase in the number of low-cost airlines which is great news for the holidaymaker, but many say bad news for the high street travel agent.

When you buy airline tickets online, these are the cheapest because the airlines sell 7 to 100 seats in each flight to the contracted online vendors. Most of the discount airline tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable so once you book the ticket you go.

Here are the tips to find cheap flight tickets: –

Tips To Find Cheap Flight Tickets

Find Cheap Flight Tickets on a Wednesday

The best online airfare deals could be found on Wednesdays from midnight to around five in the morning. However, some mention it is on Tuesday that the cheap flight tickets are offered. We have tried both of the days and found no huge difference in the price.

Time of Travel -An Important Factor for Cheap Tickets

You need to consider the time of year because summer is a high season and another peak travel period is during Christmas and New Year so if you want to have discounted airfare during this time, it would be hard for you. On the contrary, if you travel during off season, you would be able to get airlines tickets at discounted rates because less people are traveling at that time.

Stay Flexible with Your Dates

If you have some flexibility with your dates, choose a later date such as instead of January 2nd  opt for January 4th  and avoid holidays would be best for you. The earlier you book the ticket, the more you can save.

The later you leave it the more expensive the flight becomes, most airlines charge more if you book the ticket a few days or even a week before you want to departure, so the earlier you book it the cheaper the flight will cost.

Booking A Flight Ticket on A Holiday- Some Cases It Works Very Well

In case you travel on a major holiday, it would save you a lot for example if you pay for a ticket on the Christmas Day, you will get cheaper rates because majority of the people would be at his destination at that time. Online booking with the website of the airlines can save your time and money with ensured advance booking.

Booking A Return Ticket Tends to be Cheaper Than One-Way Ticket

If you want a one-way ticket instead of return ticket then make sure that you check the return rate but, in most cases, traveling both ways will be cheaper for you.

Weekends are also expensive than other weekdays.

 If you book your flight for the weekend then the ticket will cost you more money, as most people travel at the weekend, so try and book the flight departure during the week, and not only will your flight be cheaper but you’ll probably find that they will be more accommodation special offers

Compare Prices of Different Airline Operators

Skyscanner’s cheapest month tool helps you to find the cheapest day to fly within a certain month. The cheapest days are indicated in green and the most expensive days in red. If you are looking for online discounts always check different websites that offer various range of prices and have different policies and approaches.

Take Advantage of Flyer Points To Find Cheap Flight Tickets

Try to fly with the same airlines each time because then you can build up flyer points and miles that you can redeem for free airline tickets. Flyer Points also can help you to avail many facilities at airports.

Check For Offers on Credit Cards

Some credit card companies provide direct discounts or extra points when you book flight tickets through them. These points can be later claimed in cash or some other kind. Some companies like Visa or MasterCard also offer free airport lounge access to their customers.

Don’t book your flight through a travel agent

This is simply because you’ll be charged more than booking directly with the airline – you have to remember that the travel agents in most cases add on commission to the flight, they have to make a living, but why should you pay more.

I remember a friend looking to take her husband away for the weekend to Dublin, Ireland and went to a high street travel agent. She was given a quote of 300 for a weekend, including flights and accommodation. Whereas booking the same flight with Ryanair and a hotel in the center of Dublin direct with the hotel, and the weekend actually cost her only 190 again including flights and accommodation – a saving of 110.

Late Night / Early Morning Flights Tend to Be Cheaper

To save the most money when booking your airline ticket, book a flight either late at night or in the early hours of the morning, this is where the best savings are made, simply because of the unsocial flying times.

You can get other relevant airlines reservation and travel information from airlines guide and online websites.

Set up price alerts on your phone

You can set up a price alert on a Travel Website. This helps you to get notified in the event that the fare goes down for your desired route. Skyscanner and Traveloka has this feature available on their web portals.

Travel Groups on social media To Find Cheap Flight Tickets

Social media has emerged as one of the most important part of our lives. You can follow accounts of  major travel operators on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can also follow various travel groups where they share tips and tricks for cheaper travel

 Be Reasonable When Choosing the Flight

Apart from the tips mentioned above, it is not always advisable to travel in the cheapest airline available. You should always consider how safe and reputable a airline company is. Nothing is more valuable than your life and time. So, before every booking you should always get reviews of the airline company. Always you should opt for legal and reliable portals for your travel. One such travel agency is Way2Away. It has emerged as one of the best travel service providers worldwide.

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