The Metric Hotel deploys GuestCast by HIS to deliver personalized guestroom TV experiences

LOS ANGELES – Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has announced the successful adoption of its GuestCast content streaming solution by The Metric Hotel in Los Angeles, California. An award-winning platform designed to easily adapt to the interests of each guest, GuestCast now plays an essential role in The Metric’s ability to cater to its young and international guest demographic. These tech-savvy travelers increasingly expect hotel in-room entertainment services to mirror their content-viewing preferences, regardless of where they travel.

Featuring 28 ultra-chic guestrooms, The Metric ranks as the highest rated hotel on Google within LA county and is the recipient of multiple awards, including being named AAHOA’s Independent Property of the Year for 2023. In order to live up to its reputation of addressing modern guest needs, the property’s leadership team understood the importance of providing easy and secure access to personal streaming subscriptions on guestroom TVs. After considering several options, The Metric ultimately opted for GuestCast, due to its hospitality-specific features, as well as the industry-leading reputation of HIS.

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Other features influencing The Metric’s decision to adopt GuestCast include its ability to function seamlessly alongside existing cable or satellite provider services, as well as its full compatibility with the most commonly used hotel television models and WiFi networks. GuestCast’s user-friendly design includes a simplified device-pairing process that eliminates frustrating registration forms and guarantees hassle-free interaction. The platform also offers an optional remote control featuring a casting button that allows guests to effortlessly switch between traditional channels and their own content.

“As an affordable luxury hotel that attracts travelers from around the world, we knew that we needed a reliable streaming solution that could be counted on to adapt to any language and content-viewing preference, which is exactly what GuestCast offers,” said Sumit Vanmali, Developer at The Metric Hotel. “GuestCast’s compatibility with a seemingly endless number of mobile streaming apps means that our guests can pick up from where they left off on their favorite movies and shows. With GuestCast, we can review the success of our in-room entertainment strategies in real-time and quickly correct any performance-related issue to maintain high guest satisfaction rates at all times.”

Another key factor in HIS’ ability to serve hotel streaming needs is its innovative GuestCast Dashboard. A centralized online-enabled portal that connects to each GuestCast device, the Dashboard allows The Metric’s staff to consistently monitor individual device health and usage in real-time. The GuestCast Dashboard also provides The Metric with the ability to measure guest WiFi service quality for each guestroom. If a network performance issue arises, property employees can leverage the Dashboard to quickly locate the source of the issue, allowing it to be swiftly and accurately addressed. Since deploying the GuestCast solution, The Metric has observed higher rates of guest TV use and notable increases in guest satisfaction scores.

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