Discover the Jaw-Dropping Wonders of The Grand Canyon: The Ultimate Travel Guide 2023!

Welcome to our in-depth travel guide to the Grand Canyon, one of nature’s most famous wonders. With all the options available, we know that arranging a trip to the Grand Canyon may be difficult. To help you make the most of your visit, we’ve put together this guide. From the ideal time to come to the top things to do and see, our objective is to give you all the information you need to plan your trip.

How to reach the Grand Canyon

How to reach the Grand Canyon

Northern Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon, which can be reached by vehicle, plane, or train. In Flagstaff, which is roughly 90 minutes away by car, is the closest airport. Flagstaff, Williams, and Kingman are stops on Amtrak’s Southwest Chief if you’d rather take the train. Driving is another alternative, as it takes roughly four hours to get from Phoenix to the South Rim and five hours to get from Las Vegas to the North Rim.

When to Travel

Although the Grand Canyon is accessible throughout the year, the ideal time to go depends on your interests. The busiest months are June, July, and August during the peak season, which runs from May through September. The park is packed and the weather is warm at this time. The park is less populated from October to April, although the weather can be erratic, making certain roads and trails impassable due to snow and ice.

Best Family Friendly Hotels In Grand Canyon

Best Family Friendly Hotels In Grand Canyon

Searching for the top hotels in Grand Canyon that welcome families? If you’re looking for lodging that welcomes families with children of all ages, look no further than our best options. With our thorough guide to the top family-friendly hotels in the Grand Canyon, we’ve got you covered for everything from opulent resorts to affordable options.

Yavapai Lodge

Yavapai Lodge, which is centrally located in Grand Canyon Village, is a fantastic option for families looking for cosy lodging at a reasonable cost. Standard rooms, suites, and cabins are among the different types of accommodations available at the lodge. All of these accommodations provide contemporary conveniences like flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi. A cafeteria-style restaurant, a gift shop, and bike rentals are also available at Yavapai Lodge.

Grand Canyon Lodge – North Rim

The Grand Canyon Lodge – North Rim is the ideal option for families seeking a more rural experience. This historic lodge is situated on the less busy and quieter North Rim of the Grand Canyon and offers warm cabins and motel-style rooms with breathtaking canyon views. The lodge also offers access to hiking trails and other outdoor activities, as well as a restaurant, coffee shop, and gift shop.

El Tovar

El Tovar is a must-see for families seeking a more upmarket experience. This opulent hotel, which is situated on the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, offers tastefully furnished rooms and suites with breath-taking canyon views. The hotel also offers access to hiking trails and other outdoor activities, as well as a fine-dining restaurant, lounge, and gift store.

Bright Angel Lodge

Bright Angel Lodge is a historic hotel with a range of room types, including cabins, suites, and ordinary rooms, and is situated on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The resort also offers access to hiking trails, a gift shop, a cafeteria-style restaurant, and other outdoor activities.

Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn

The Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Hotel is an excellent option for families searching for a contemporary, full-service hotel. This hotel, which is close to the Grand Canyon National Park’s entrance, features roomy rooms and suites, an indoor pool and hot tub, a fitness center, and a restaurant and bar on-site.

Red Feather Lodge

The Red Feather Lodge is a family-friendly lodging choice close to the South Entrance of Grand Canyon National Park. In addition to a restaurant, gift store, outdoor pool, and hot tub, the hotel provides cozy rooms and suites.

Canyon Plaza Resort

The Canyon Plaza Resort is a full-service hotel with spacious rooms and suites, an indoor pool and hot tub, a fitness centre, and a restaurant and bar on-site. It is only a few miles from the South Entrance to Grand Canyon National Park. The hotel also offers access to hiking trails and other outdoor activities and has a gift shop.

Activities and Attractions

Things To Do At Grand Canyon

Although the Grand Canyon is well recognized for its stunning views, there is still a ton more to discover and explore. Some of our top suggestions are listed below:

  • Hiking: Some of the most breathtaking hiking in the world can be found at the Grand Canyon. There are trails for walkers of every skill level covering more than 300 miles. The Bright Angel Trail, South Kaibab Trail, and North Kaibab Trail are a few of the well-liked hikes.
  • Scenic Drives: If you don’t feel like trekking, there are a number of picturesque routes that provide breath-taking views of the canyon. The East Rim Drive, Hermit Road, and Desert View Drive are a few of the most well-known.
  • River Rafting: Consider going river rafting down the Colorado River to get a different perspective of the Grand Canyon. There are numerous businesses that provide half-day to multi-day excursions.
  • Skywalk: A glass bridge called Skywalk juts out 70 feet into the canyon. It provides an exhilarating experience and breathtaking canyon vistas.
  • Ranger Programs: The park provides a number of ranger-led activities, such as presentations, stargazing events, and guided hikes.
  • Museums and Visitor Centers: The park features a number of museums and visitor centers that provide educational displays and details about the geology and history of the canyon.

Advice for Traveling

  • Plan ahead: It is crucial to plan ahead, especially during peak season, as the Grand Canyon is a major tourist attraction. Make early bookings for both hotel and activities.
  • Dress appropriately: Even in the summer, you should wear layers and a rain jacket because the weather might change suddenly.
  • Drink plenty of water: The Grand Canyon is at a high elevation, therefore it’s crucial to do so, particularly when hiking or doing other strenuous activities.
  • Be respectful of the environment: Keep in mind that the Grand Canyon is a protected natural area, therefore it’s crucial to practice Leave No Trace ethics and to clean up after yourself.
  • Observe your footing: It’s crucial to stay on approved pathways and pay attention to your surroundings because the canyon can be hazardous.
  • Consider a guided tour: If you want a more planned experience or are unfamiliar with the area, think about taking a guided tour. Many businesses provide bus tours, guided walks, and other activities.


Every tourist should visit the Grand Canyon, and we hope this guide has given you all the details you need to organize your trip. To get the most out of your trip, keep in mind to prepare ahead of time, dress accordingly, and stay hydrated. There is something for everyone at the Grand Canyon, regardless of your hiking experience or preference for a more laid-back experience.

We sincerely hope you have a great experience and make lifelong memories while here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is most enjoyable to visit in the spring (March to May) or fall (September to November), when the weather is pleasant and there aren’t as many people around. Winter (December to February) might bring snow and ice weather, and summer (June to August) can be very hot.

How Much Time Should I Plan For My Visit To The Grand Canyon?

Your visit’s duration should be determined by how much you wish to see and do. A day trip can be plenty if all you want to do is see the main attractions and go on a few quick climbs. However, you might want to make plans for several days or perhaps a week if you want to go rafting or explore the backcountry.

Are there any minimum or maximum ages to hike in the Grand Canyon?

In the Grand Canyon, there are no age restrictions for hiking, but some trails could be more challenging than others. It’s crucial to do your homework on the trails in advance and pick one that fits your expertise level and fitness level.

Do I Need A Permit To Hike In The Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon treks can be done with or without a permit. It’s crucial to confirm with the National Park Service in advance whether a permit is necessary for the walk you want to take.

What Should I Pack For My Visit To The Grand Canyon?

It’s crucial to pack weather-appropriate clothing, cozy hiking shoes, sunscreen, and lots of water. You will also need camping supplies and a permit if you intend to camp or hike overnight.

Is My Pet Allowed At The Grand Canyon?

In some parts of the Grand Canyon, pets are permitted, although they must always be kept on a leash, and the majority of the trails are off-limits to them. It’s crucial to confirm where pets are permitted in advance with the National Park Service.

Are There Any Guided Tours Available At The Grand Canyon?

Yes, a number of businesses provide guided tours of the Grand Canyon, including hikes, buses, and helicopters. A safe and pleasurable experience may be ensured while learning about the history and geology of the area through guided excursions.

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