The Brunelleschi Hotel gets the prestigious Michelin Key

The Brunelleschi Hotel, which has received the prestigious recognition of the Michelin Key from the Michelin Guide. This significant milestone comes following the unveiling of the new accolades by the Michelin Guide, which honors Italy’s most extraordinary hotels with one, two, or three Keys.

The selection of Michelin Keys is the result of four years of meticulous and thorough evaluations by inspectors, who have examined and judged over 5000 hotels worldwide. None of these hotels are considered mere places to spend the night but rather true experiential destinations that significantly contribute to their guests’ journeys. Each property has been assessed according to five fundamental criteria: architecture and interior design, individuality and authenticity, service and comfort quality, local relevance, and consistency in offerings.

The Michelin Keys represent the best of the best in hotel selection, akin to the Michelin Stars for restaurants, and identify excellence in hospitality experience. The Michelin Guide 2024 in Italy boasts 8 three-Keys hotels, 31 two-Keys hotels, and 107 one-Key hotels.

The introduction of the Michelin Key on April 8, 2024, marks a new chapter in our history as it honors outstanding hotels just as the Michelin Stars reward high-level restaurants. The Michelin Key was created to highlight the best of our hotel selection. All hotels featured in the Michelin Guide are eligible to receive this prestigious honor, denoting exceptional experiences in terms of design, architecture, service, and personality.

The MICHELIN Keys have been announced by country, starting this year with France, Italy, Spain, and select locations in the United States. The Michelin Guide now offers the opportunity to book recommended hotels directly, ensuring a seamless booking experience and special offers for readers.

The Brunelleschi Hotel

The doorway opens onto a cozy square in the heart of Florence, a few steps from the Duomo, Palazzo della Signoria and the Uffizi Gallery: the hotel is surrounded by the shopping streets and the most famous museums of the city. The building includes a Byzantine tower dating from the 6th century and a medieval church, completely renovated yet respecting its original features. Inside, a private museum displays exhibits found during the tower restoration and a bath of Roman origin, now set in the foundations. The Brunelleschi Hotel is part of the Florentine Historical Businesses. The hotel has been renovated in a very elegant contemporary yet classic style, where soft shades and the gray color of the typical local stone predominate.

The Santa Elisabetta Restaurant is the hotel’s fine dining restaurant and one of the finest gastronomic addresses in Florence. Since 2021 it was awarded two stars in the Michelin Guide; in the Gambero Rosso Guide 2023 with the rating of 2 “forks” and in the L’Espresso 2024 with one “hat”. Located in an intimate dining room with only 7 tables on the first floor of the Byzantine tower that is part of the hotel, it boasts an enviable location, a sophisticated atmosphere and a refined cuisine. It is open Tuesday to Saturday, 12.30 pm to 02:30 pm for lunch and 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm for dinner. Since 2017 the menu is signed by Chef Rocco De Santis.

The more informal “Osteria Pagliazza” is located on the ground floor of the hotel and during the summer it also has outdoor tables in the charming square in front of the hotel and offers a delicious menu of dishes based on local ingredients. Adjacent to the Osteria is the Tower Bar offering original and personalized cocktails that can also be tasted in the gourmet restaurant.

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