Summer flight schedule 2024: Long-haul traffic in Munich at record levels

With six weeks left in this year’s summer flight schedule, it is already evident that Munich Airport will set new records for long-haul traffic next summer: For the first time, Lufthansa will have 36 long-haul aircraft stationed in Munich, and will increase the number of weekly departures to intercontinental destinations from the current 150 to a record 190.

Moreover, Lufthansa announced new long-haul destinations: Starting May 30, 2024, a daily flight will connect Munich and Seattle for the first time. Bangalore (India) will be included in the upcoming winter flight schedule and will be served up to six times a week in summer 2024. Modern and fuel-efficient Airbus A350 long-haul aircraft will operate on both routes.

Lufthansa at Munich Airport.

In the coming summer schedule, Lufthansa will offer flights to Hong Kong several times a week. Johannesburg, which was last on Lufthansa’s Munich flight schedule in 2005, will also be reinstated on June 3, 2024 (three times a week).

Good news concerning the Airbus A380: Five destinations will be served from Munich next summer. Boston, Los Angeles and New York (JFK) will continue to be served, while Washington and Delhi will be new additions. Lufthansa will station a total of six Airbus A380s in Munich next summer, and plans to expand the A380 fleet to a total of eight aircraft by 2025.

Discover Airlines has announced plans to base five Airbus A320 aircraft in Munich and operate around 60 flights each week to 23 destinations across Europe and North Africa in the summer of 2024. Long-haul aircraft are also to be stationed in Munich in the following winter season.

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