Successful travel agent networking Iftar in Oman unveils Seychelles travel opportunities

Tourism Seychelles successfully hosted an Exclusive Travel Agent Networking Iftar at the Sheraton Hotel Muscat in Oman on March 19th, 2024. Facilitated by the Tourism Seychelles representative office in Middle East, the event provided esteemed travel agencies with valuable insights into the beauty of Seychelles and exciting travel opportunities.

The event emphasised the importance of reconnecting with travel agencies in the post-pandemic travel landscape. Seychelles emerges as a beacon of possibility, offering unparalleled experiences for travellers seeking luxury, exclusivity, and adventure.

Connectivity between Oman and Seychelles was a key discussion point, recognising Seychelles’ potential appeal to royal families, high-profile individuals, and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). Representatives from Tourism Seychelles collaborated to devise strategies aimed at improving accessibility and simplifying travel experiences for discerning travellers.

Additionally, the event highlighted the necessity for a FAM Trip to Seychelles, given the abundance of accommodations available. Such trips will enable trade partners to better understand the destination’s offerings and facilitate enhanced travel experiences for visitors.

The Tourism Seychelles representative, Ahmed Fathallah, expressed his satisfaction with the event’s outcome, stating, “We’ve reignited the spirit of travel and shared Seychelles’ wonders with our partners in Oman. This event marks a significant milestone in our efforts to promote Seychelles as a premier destination. We look forward to further collaboration and exploring innovative strategies to position Seychelles as the ultimate destination in Oman and beyond.”

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