Spotnana to distribute low-cost content to corporate travelers via Kyte API

Kyte, a technology company specializing in providing access to low-cost inventory via a modern and standardized API, announce a new commercial partnership with Spotnana, the world’s first Travel-as-a-Service platform modernizing the infrastructure of the travel industry. This partnership will enable Spotnana to access affordable airline content from leading low-cost carriers such as easyJet and Ryanair, through Kyte’s advanced API.

Kyte’s platform is designed to standardize access to diverse airline inventories, ensuring travel management companies and other travel sellers can seamlessly integrate and offer a comprehensive range of airline options. This partnership allows Spotnana to offer a wider range of low-cost flight options and to include ancillaries and bundles, thereby providing more travel inventory to corporate customers.

“We are excited to partner with Spotnana, who has one of the most advanced travel platforms and is widely celebrated for driving innovation in our industry,” said Alice Ferrari, CEO of Kyte. “Our API will provide Spotnana with access to a variety of low-cost airlines, offering greater choice and value to their customers. This partnership highlights our commitment to making low-cost airline content easily accessible to corporate travel sellers.”

“Integrating Kyte’s API aligns with our goal of providing our customers with the most comprehensive travel options at the most competitive prices,” said Bill Brindle, VP of Commercials and Content at Spotnana. “Travelers booking through Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service platform will soon be able to access the best available fares and ancillary products from a wider range of low-cost carriers including Ryanair and easyJet. This partnership expands our travel inventory and improves our ability to deliver unparalleled value and convenience to our customers.”

The article Spotnana to distribute low-cost content to corporate travelers via Kyte API first appeared in TravelDailyNews International.

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