Southeast Europe Aviation Summit (SEAS) is held in Belgrade

The fourth Southeast Europe Aviation Summit (SEAS) is held on April 22 and 23 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade. It is an event dedicated to the civil and military aviation industry, which gathers over 170 companies and over 1,400 leaders and professionals from the aviation industry in these two days.

The summit is intended for industry professionals as well as all aviation enthusiasts, who, among other things, will be able to hear more about "flying taxis", but also about the challenges that Boeing, the American manufacturer of passenger planes, has been facing for some time, and all that from the point of view of domestic aviation engineers who worked at Boeing and Airbus. European aircraft manufacturers will answer the question of how safe the new generation planes are, while the representatives of domestic and European airlines will talk about the plans of commercial aviation and whether general aviation can reduce the pollution caused by the increasing number of flights. Why did a British company take over the ground handling of the national airline’s flights, how is the Nikola Tesla Airport concession contract progressing and how will the infrastructural arrangement of the Aviation Museum be carried out – we can find answers to all these questions at this summit.

The second day of the conference will begin with the topic of how personnel are trained and produced in the domestic aviation industry, as well as an interesting discussion about why young cadet pilots from India come to Serbia for civil pilot license training. This is followed by presentations on how civilian drones are used in civil and commercial air traffic, as well as in military aviation, while representatives of the International Air Transport Association will talk about how air traffic affects the economy of Southeast European countries. Where are the former giants Utva and Orao from Republika Srpska and what do they do today, and how was a jet engine completely locally produced in Serbia? SEAS is the place to hear more about that too.

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