Sion continues to revolutionize the travel agency industry as another wave of industry leaders join the platform

OCEANPORT, NJ – Sion, a pioneering force in the travel technology industry, announce that several of the world’s most prominent travel agencies and consortia have embraced its revolutionary Commission Recovery Software. Gifted Travel Network, Travel Experts, Mast Travel Network, and Jetset World Travel have all joined Sion to unlock a new era of efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction. In an industry where every dollar counts, Sion’s Commission Recovery Software is a game-changer. The global travel industry has been undergoing significant transformations. Travel agencies have been seeking ways to enhance revenue collection and streamline operations.

Sion generates tangible results for its customers, with over $5B in bookings tracked. Agencies that have embraced Sion have experienced remarkable growth, often up to 200% of their previous performance. Moreover, Sion streamlines reconciliation and payroll processes, making them up to 4X faster. This efficiency not only optimizes operations but also delights agents with unprecedented transparency. These agencies are renowned for their commitment to excellence and their unyielding dedication to their clients. Their decision to partner with Sion underscores the game-changing potential of the software.

Irving Betesh, CEO of Sion, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We are proud to partner with these forward-thinking agencies who share our priorities. Getting paid what they’ve earned and growing their businesses. These travel agencies have recognized the transformative power of Sion and we’re excited for this opportunity. Our mission is to empower travel agents, and these partnerships bring us closer to achieving that goal.”

Sandy Saburn, Chief Strategic Alliances Officer of Gifted Travel Network, commented on their decision to adopt Sion’s software: “Gifted Travel Network is excited to partner with Sion toprov ide best-in-class commission processing and tracking for our members. We know the investment in this technology will provide long-term gains for advisors who are better served working with clients than chasing commissions. The innovation Sion is bringing to the travel industry is welcomed and we look forward to partnering with them as we both grow.”

Heather McIntyre, Director of Technology & Finance at Travel Experts Inc., also shared her insights: “Sion’s Commission Recovery Software is a game-changer for travel agencies looking to optimize their revenue streams and streamline their processes. We are excited to be a part of this transformative journey”.

With these industry leaders joining Sion, the software is set to reshape the travel agency landscape, allowing more agencies to maximize their revenue, enhance their services, and adapt to the ever-changing travel industry.

Sion is committed to assisting travel agencies in their recovery and growth efforts as they navigate through challenging times. For more information about Sion and its Commission Recovery Software, please visit

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