“Serrae Villa Fiesole” at FH55 Hotel Villa Fiesol joins the Michelin Guide

“Serrae Villa Fiesole” secures a spot in the Michelin Guide. The prestigious mention is the crowning achievement of the recently renovated restaurant at FH55 Hotel Villa Fiesole, a charming 19th-century villa with a stunning view of Florence, now part of the FH55 Hotels group. Leading the transformation of Serrae Villa Fiesole is Chef Antonello Sardi, a Michelin-starred chef who has recently taken the helm. His environmentally focused vision, which aligns perfectly with the group's philosophy, has been recognized and rewarded.

Here is the flattering review from the Michelin Guide inspectors: ‘The view of Florence is just one of the many reasons to come to Serrae, the others are the renovated spaces, the location (a Medici villa) and finally – or rather above all – the cuisine: rich in flavor, creativity and local culture. Buffalo tortellini with smoked eel and lovage are among the musts, but indispensable – however – is also the pigeon, with faux olives made of livers.”

The review highlights the essence of “Serrae Villa Fiesole”: a love of nature and the desire to showcase and share it with guests. From the décor of the dining room to the menu, from the selection of suppliers and raw materials to the composition of the dishes, Antonello Sardi possesses a deep connection to the environment, which is both his inspiration and vocation. Throughout his career, the Chef has already received Michelin Guide accolades with three different stars, including one for sustainability in 2020 (in addition to those awarded in 2014 and 2019).

Being mentioned in the prestigious Michelin Guide is more than just a recognition; it is a mark of excellence. This honor is reserved only for restaurants that achieve extraordinary levels of quality, service, and innovation. Being part of the Michelin Guide means not only the promise of an unforgettable culinary experience for guests, but it is also a celebration of the hard work and dedication of the team. At the Serrae Villa Fiesole restaurant, the botanical element takes center stage: the intimate dining room, with only 9 tables and an open kitchen, is arranged around a greenhouse wall where plants are integrated with decorative panels that replicate Van Gogh’s floral paintings.

The menu at “Serrae Villa Fiesole” is a celebration of the region, highlighting fresh herbs from its botanical garden. The five-course tasting menu “Attualità” is called “The Art of Our Farmers and Breeders,” showcasing the best products of the local region, from cheeses to oil, meats, and vegetables, along with some ingredients that broaden the geographical and creative horizon.

There are two other tasting menus available: “Identità”, a seven-course menu, represents “The Soul and Journey of Antonello”; and “Carta Bianca”, a nine-course menu, offers “The Chef’s Free Interpretation”.

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