Security measures adopted at the Quito International Airport

QUITO – The Quito International Airport informs citizens about the measuresthat have  been defined to protect the safety of passengers, users, airport personnel, facilities and air operations, in coordination with the National Government, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and the Municipality of Quito.

Airport operations remain open and the measures are as follows:

Only passengers who carry their travel documents, that is, passport or citizenship card and air ticket or boarding pass, will be able to access the air terminal.
Family members or other visitors will not be allowed to enter the terminal to drop off or receive passengers.
Crowds of people will not be allowed on the sidewalks of the passenger terminal either.
Control and screening of passengers and luggage will be strengthened.
Random checks will be carried out on vehicles before entering the airport.
Passengers are requested not to leave their belongings or hand luggage unattended.

Airport ask citizens to collaborate with these measures and passengers are recommended to go to the airport with more time in advance considering these additional controls. They also recommend that passengers stay informed through official channels and confirm the status of their flights with their airlines.

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