Regenerative Travel partners with Weeva to support its hotel members in data collection

NEW YORK, NY – In response to the pressing environmental challenges of our time, Regenerative Travel announces its groundbreaking initiative and partnership to support the integration of sustainable practices into the tourism sector and for its hotel members. With tourism accounting for a significant share of global greenhouse gas emissions and employing a substantial portion of the global workforce, the need for actionable change is critical.

Regenerative Travel is spearheading this transformation by committing to transparency and accountability in its operations. A central aspect of this commitment is the implementation of comprehensive data collection strategies, vital for fostering sustainable practices. This vision takes a significant leap forward with the announcement of our partnership with Weeva, a platform tailored to meet the unique sustainability management needs of the tourism industry. Over 15 of Regenerative Travel’s hotel properties have pledged to adopt Weeva’s software for enhanced data collection.

Weeva stands as a beacon in sustainable management tools, offering an integrated system for capturing, consolidating, and visualizing essential data. Its cloud-based infrastructure ensures secure and efficient data handling. More than just a data repository, Weeva encourages informed decision-making and behavioral change within the tourism sector, addressing critical issues such as climate change, biodiversity conservation, and community well-being.

This initiative aligns with broader global objectives, connecting the efforts of Regenerative Travel member hotels with the Sustainable Development Goals and the IPCC climate targets. Weeva provides practical tools and insights, enabling businesses of all sizes to confront and address global challenges effectively.

This partnership also fosters a dynamic community of industry peers. Member hotels benefit from shared knowledge and strategies, bolstering our collective impact. Weeva’s compliance with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) criteria enhances its effectiveness, aiding members in achieving GSTC-recognized certifications through meticulous data management.

Furthermore, Weeva aligns with the WTTC’s ‘Hotel Sustainability Basics’, complementing existing frameworks and focusing on Management and Efficiency, Planet, and People.

As Regenerative Travel encourages its hotels to integrate Weeva into its operations, the collection embarks on a transformative journey, committing to a future where the tourism industry is not only economically integral but also a proactive contributor to a sustainable and regenerative world.

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