Quicktext announces partnership with Mob Hotel Group

Quicktext, the hospitality AI SuperApp, based in Paris, France, announces a strategic partnership with Mob Hotel Group, known for its unique social and environmental engagement in the hospitality industry.

By selecting Velma, Quicktext’s cutting-edge AI technology, Mob Hotel Group ( Mob Hotel and Mob House) wants to empower their clients to communicate freely, and effectively and receive the most accurate answers while liberating their employees from the yoke of tedious, repetitive, and low-value tasks…

Quicktext, the hospitality AI SuperApp is revolutionizing the hotel industry with its outstanding solution called Velma. This innovative virtual assistant for hotels globally is based on Q-Brain+, the hybridisation of classic conversational AI and generative AI.

Beyond the unrivaled solutions provided by Velma, by harnessing AI as well as the insights from big data, Quicktext also provides services to:

Optimize sales, content, and marketing (Q-Sales, Q-SEO, Q-Dynamic)
Structure & augment hotels’ data (Q-Data & Q-Channel)
Supply data for business intelligence (Q-BI)

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