Positive mood and encouraging outlook for the ITB Buyers Circle

The first round of the Global Travel Buyer Index focused on the period December 2023, and the second round was conducted in February of this current year. Several hundred participants were surveyed, accounting for a significant proportion of this year’s Buyers Circle, thereby providing some fascinating insights into the composition of the Circle and the economic mood.

Those conducting the study were particularly interested in finding out the source markets for which the members were primarily engaged in buying. Almost half of them responded by naming Europe, with Germany accounting for over one quarter. Asia made up around 7 per cent of the total, with North America at around 5 per cent.

Buyers were also asked about the categories for which they were making their purchases, with an option to provide more than one response. The largest proportion, at approximately 81 per cent, was accounted for by Hotels, while there was an equal balance between Activities & Events and DMC Services, both at 50 per cent. They were closely followed by Transfers. Around one third of those questioned named Flights, while 27 are buyers in the Cruise segment, and around 17 per cent are engaged in services in the Car Rental sector.

Questioned about their assessment of the current economic situation, the members of the ITB Buyers Circle were encouragingly positive. The largest proportion of those surveyed stated that the volume of orders in the last 6 months was higher in each case compared with the same period in the previous year. There was a slight decline in this proportion between the first and the second round of questioning. Asked about the proportion of definite purchases, around three quarters stated that these had improved, while some 20 per cent had not observed any change. And equally importantly, those conducting the survey examined the expenses involved in obtaining their orders, with over 80 per cent reporting an increase over the previous year’s figures.

Predictions for the coming six month period were similarly positive to the figures for the preceding six months in each case. According to their responses, some three quarters were expecting the volume of orders to increase compared with the same period in the previous year. Some 20 per cent expected levels to remain the same, while a very small proportion predicted a decline. The majority are also anticipating an increase in the proportion of definite purchases. Over three quarters expect the figures to remain the same. The same applies to total expenditure in the course of fulfilling orders.


Global Travel Buyer Indey by Dr. Fried & Partner and ITB Berlin

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