Olympic Airways B727 at the old Elliniko Airport bought by Zela Aviation to become an exhibit in Athens, Greece

Zela Aviation in 2023 purchased two aircrafts from the old Elliniko Airport, one being the BAC1-11 which was restored and successfully placed in Lavrio and completed since December of 2023. The second aircraft is the Olympic Airways B727 which has been out of service for several decades, was moved to Vouliagmenis Avenue in March 2024 from the runway of the old Elliniko airport, where it had been parked since it was decommissioned. As of April 2024, maintenance work continues on the B727 and it will be fully completed in the coming months and there will be an official event with government officials in May 2024.

The rescue and promotion as a landmark of both aircrafts was personally undertaken by the Cypriot businessman, Andreas Christodoulides, current owner of the Cyprus Private Aircraft Company Zela Aviation. “These airplanes are historic for Greece and Hellenism; the Olympic airplanes should be remembered by the world and for our children and grandchildren” he said. The goal was to buy them for the public view and to appreciate the aircrafts. A great admirer of Onassis, Christodoulides said he bought the planes so that the Greeks would not forget – “so that the world remembers Elliniko the Athens former main airport, Olympic and Onassis. Andreas Christodoulides states he feels “proud for Greece and it is as if I have bought the Acropolis and I am putting it somewhere for Greece and for aviation industry to see”.

Zela Aviation since establishment in 2006 has been active in the field of aircraft wet / dry leasing, chartering and aircraft sales maintaining offices in Cyprus, Greece and the United Kingdom. Zela Aviation has and remain to provide a range of services for its clients located in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Its leading position, track records throughout the years, and complimented by its very well – trained staff, make Zela Aviation a solid and reliable partner worldwide.

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