Nasma Luxury Stays to redefine elegance in interior design

DUBAI, UAE – Nasma Luxury Stays, a division of Al Tamimi Investments and a specialist in vacation rentals, announces the launch its innovative design unit poised to reshape the world of interior design in the UAE.

This transformative initiative reflects a significant expansion for Nasma Luxury Stays, extending its unparalleled design expertise beyond its own properties. Nasma Design is dedicated to crafting captivating and transformative spaces, catering to both the hospitality and residential sectors, providing property owners with the opportunity to infuse their homes with exquisite design and refined luxury.

Cristina Butcaru, General Manager, Nasma Luxury Stays said: “We are thrilled to introduce Nasma Design as an extension of our commitment to innovation and excellence. Throughout our journey in hospitality, we have strived to provide unparalleled experiences. With Nasma Design, we now extend this promise to property owners, whether they seek to enhance the allure of their rental homes or imbue their personal residences with sophistication. This venture embodies our vision to redefine the boundaries of design for a diverse audience.”

Nasma Design Unit: Where Vision Meets Craftsmanship

Boasting over 20 years of experience in working for leading retail brands, Nasma Design unit is led by Nataliya Yordanova, Operations & Design Manager at Nasma Luxury Stays. Nataliya will be at the helm of this visionary endeavor, drawing from her extensive experience and a discerning eye for design.

Catering to Diverse Aspirations: Beyond conventional design boundaries, Nasma Design casts a wide net to cater to diverse clientele. The design unit extends its artistic prowess not only to property owners seeking to enhance the allure of their rental homes but also to those who wish to infuse their personal residences with opulence and timeless beauty. Nasma Design welcomes anyone with a desire to transform spaces into havens of luxury and comfort.

Expanding the Horizon: The UAE’s design industry has witnessed remarkable growth and demand, with the interior design sector playing a pivotal role in shaping the country’s aesthetic landscape. This surge in demand for design services underscores the significance of Nasma Design's launch, as it positions itself to contribute to the UAE’s thriving design ecosystem.

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