Marina Resort at Blue Water Cay chooses Marina Technologies for innovative boat storage solutions

NASSAU, THE BAHAMAS – Legendary Marina Resort in Blue Water Cay, The Bahamas announce that Marina Technologies (MTI) has been chosen for the Phase 1 wet slip docks with moorings for vessels up to 130ft. With heavy-duty aluminum frame construction, premium composite decking, multiple fuel docks, power pedestals, potable water, and the ability to withstand heavy wave loads, the MTI floating dock system is poised to revolutionize boat storage in The Bahamas.

For many boat owners, The Bahamas is a dream destination. But not everyone is comfortable crossing the Gulf Stream to get there. That’s where Legendary Marina Resort at Blue Water Cay comes in. With our new facility, boaters can store their boats on the island and enjoy endless hours of exploration without worrying about crossing the ocean.

One of the critical features of the marina is the Dry Storage Facility, a game-changer for many boaters. “But we’re equally excited about the dock accommodations at our marinas. Recognized in the most upscale marinas worldwide, floating aluminum docks are more manageable to dock at and offer excellent stability and durability. Built by MTI, these floating docks feature an internal pile guide with rollers and rubber fender options to create a safer environment for boats. And with the largest in the industry double-mount cleats that can keep large superyachts tethered to the dock, plus solar-powered LED lights to keep everything well-lit, these docks are a boater’s dream come true.”

Although memberships are limited, non-members can still access the marina for fuel and entertainment. The marina is designed to offer luxurious accommodations and dining, and it has a complete ship store and a service department. Members of the Legendary Marina Resort at Blue Water Cay will enjoy exclusive access to Members Only Amenities, including private lodging, an oceanfront pool, concierge services, and exclusive dining options. Additionally, they will have the privilege of docking their boats within the marina, where a team of specialists will ensure their boats are in perfect condition for their next adventure.

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