Managing partner of Houston law firm explains why his favorite credit card is the Hyatt card

As the managing partner of a busy personal injury law firm, you are constantly on the go. “I have to stay up to date the latest trends in technology and changes in the law so travel to legal seminars is a must.” Says, Paul H. Cannon, Managing Partner of Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. He has tried several of the credit cards with “rewards” ranging from air miles to cash back. Of the credit cards he tried, he recommends the Hyatt Credit Card and the World of Hyatt Loyalty Program above other card options.

Which rewards are right
“It always seemed to me that the best cards would be the air mileage reward cards and then the cash back cards,” says Cannon. However, he went on to explain that the problem with air miles is that you are limited to specific airlines for your travel, even when the price is better somewhere else. “Forget jumping on orbits and comparing the best prices, you are stuck if you want any chance to earn miles before the last ones expire,” says Cannon.

He also pointed out that cashback cards do not have the same problem as air miles. But when a company is giving you cash, every dollar is a dollar out of their pocket. This is not true when the company is providing their services vs cash.

Hotel stays vs other rewards
The Hyatt rewards program is different than miles or cash back. They award points that go toward hotel stays when you become a World of Hyatt member. Their basic business hotels run 5000 points and their resorts with rides and lazy river pools run up to 25000 points a night. “But in my opinion, earning points is much easier on Hyatt cards than airline cards or cash back cards. Think about it, when Hyatt gives you a $350.00 per night hotel stay, it doesn’t cost them $350.00. There is profit built into their price. Its worth $350 to you because that’s what it would cost you, but not them. They can afford to give it to you more freely than someone giving you cash out of their pocket or even airline miles when air travel seats are limited in my opinion,” says Cannon.

Even the drawbacks are bonuses with Hyatt
One “drawback” many people see is the $75.00 annual fee Hyatt has even though a lot of other cards waive any annual fee. “But here’s the dealmaker for me. I get a free night stay at any Hyatt property awarded to me on my sign-up anniversary and another one awarded on my birthday just for being a member, “ says Cannon. He went on to explain that the high-level Hyatt resorts like the Hyatt Hill Country in San Antonio are their own vacation getaway spots. “One night there can run you $350.00. So, getting two nights for $75.00 is like getting $700.00 worth of resort stays for about one- tenth of what it would cost you. That is almost a 10x value for your $75.00 investment!” says Cannon.

Membership has its rewards
Depending upon what level you are, you can get access to different benefits. Cannon told us that he uses his World of Hyatt for all our expenses and travel arrangements. That puts him in the Globalist Category with access to the exclusive Hyatt clubs on nicer properties and the members only snack and drink lounges. “And, they bend over backwards to help their Globalists book stays,” says Cannon.

The accommodations
Obviously, you do not want to stay in a rathole. Cannon explained that he has stayed in every level of Hyatt Hotels they have in many different places including Austin, New Orleans, San Francisco, Barcelona, and Panama City. “I have never stayed in one I was unhappy with. I’m not saying they are going to eclipse the competition in room quality, but they go toe-to-toe with other major hotel chains and hold their own. Its everything you need and expect in a stay away from home,” said Cannon. At the end of the day, when all things are considered, Paul Cannon choses World of Hyatt because he feels the card benefits make them stand out in the crowd.

Paul H. Cannon is a Shareholder and Managing Partner at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Injury & Accident Lawyers in Houston, Texas. Paul H. Cannon graduated from South Texas College of Law and passed the Bar in 1995. He became Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial law in 2005.

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