Malaga by car: The perfect vacation for you and your family

Are you daydreaming of a vacation that will help you break away from routine? One that is full with sun-kissed beaches, cultural activities that are rich, and stunning landscapes? Then Malaga is the destination you were looking for.

Malaga is a bustling city that is set on one of the best beach regions of the world: Costa del Sol in southern Spain. And although the country has just so many awesome destinations, if we’re being completely honest, there is no need to visit any other area of the country if you just want to soak in some sun and enjoy your time off.

There are a multitude of activities available in Malaga and its surroundings that will make your holiday absolutely unforgettable. These activities range from seeing historic landmarks if you decide to hire car Malaga; to indulging in mouthwatering dishes that have made this region famous all over the world.

Discover the beautiful attractions of Malaga
As we were just discussing, there are an infinite number of opportunities for exciting escapades; but no trip to Malaga is complete if you haven’t spent at least some time in the city itself.

As you begin your adventure, you should begin by strolling through the lovely alleyways of the old city center. Here, you will find an incredible combination of Moorish architecture, lively plazas, and bustling markets. All combined with small bars and cafés where you can recharge your batteries when needed.

Additionally, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the Alcazaba fortress, which provides breathtaking views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. And if you want to disconnect from all the energy of the city center, the beach is just a short stroll away!

Tired of the city? These other destinations are just a short drive away
So, Malaga itself is great; but did you know that there are some unforgettable places just a few minutes away by car? If you get your own car hire Malaga airport, here are some destinations you can’t miss.

Explore the magical town of Ronda
Very close to Malaga, the enchanting town of Ronda, which is positioned spectacularly atop a gorge, can be reached in just a few minutes; and it’s definitely worth the trip.

As you walk across this little town, you will be able to see some pretty incredible places:

The historic bullring, one of the most scenic manifestations of this national sport in Spain.
The famous Puente Nuevo bridge, which is located in the middle of the breathtaking El Tajo ravine.
The Mondragón Palace, one of the most well-preserved Moorish palaces in the region.
The stunning views of the surrounding countryside from various viewpoints throughout the town.

Spend a great day in Antequera
When you travel farther out with your all inclusive car hire Malaga, you will find the charming town of Antequera, which is famous for the abundance of historical artifacts it possesses.

Wander inside the medieval Alcazaba stronghold, which is steeped in centuries of history, and explore the ancient dolmens, which are megalithic burial mounds that date back to the Neolithic period.

And those who are interested in nature will find that the magnificent El Torcal Natural Park, which is known for its otherworldly limestone formations, provides a very amazing outdoor experience.

Renting a car, the best way to visit the region
There are a few different ways you could explore the area; but if you want the highest amount of freedom, it is highly recommended that you rent a car in order to make the most of your vacation and to see the beauties of Malaga and the towns that are located in its vicinity at your own leisure.

Picking up your rental car at Malaga Airport is a convenient option that provides for a smooth transition from arrival to the beginning of your vacation. Additionally, if you choose the all-inclusive option offered by ESPACAR, you will be able to begin on your adventure with complete peace of mind, as your rental will include all of the following:

Comprehensive insurance
Unlimited mileage.
Roadside assistance around the clock.

Not only will this make your travels to Malaga and beyond more convenient, but it will also reduce the amount of stress you experience. So, experience the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and the richness of Spanish culture with your own car, and discover why this is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe!

Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

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