Las Hadas by Brisas celebrates its 50th anniversary as the most iconic and beautiful resort on the Mexican Pacific Coast

MANZANILLO, COLIMA, MEXICO – Las Hadas by Grupo Brisas celebrates its 50th anniversary in the beautiful tourist destination of Manzanillo with a renewed all-inclusive luxury experience that strengthens its position over the last few years as one of the most iconic and beautiful resorts in Mexico and the world.

Antonio Cosío Pando, CEO of Grupo Brisas, together with Indira Vizcaino Silva, Governor of the State of Colima, as well as employees and special guests, led the resort’s anniversary celebration. The resort has become a benchmark of hospitality, elegance and beauty by the Mexican Pacific.

Antonio Cosío Pando reiterated Grupo Brisas’ commitment to Manzanillo and the state of Colima, to continue offering world-class products and services to promote more tourism, economic revenue and job creation, as well as to continue investing in training, infrastructure and supporting local suppliers to benefit the community in Colima.

“Today we reaffirm our commitment to turn Las Hadas into an exclusive resort that will boost tourism in Manzanillo and promote the cultural richness of Colima and Mexico,” said Cosío Pando.

“This resort is a clear example of dedication, commitment and excellence throughout its 50-year history. From its beginning as a dream of the entrepreneur Atenor Patiño in the 1960s, to the architectural vision of José Luis Ezquerra and the acquisition by Antonio Cosío Ariño in 2001, Las Hadas has been molded by great visionaries into one of Mexico’s most recognized touristic jewels.”

In this celebration, he recognized the tireless work of men and women from Colima who, with their dedication and warmth, have left an indelible mark in the history of the resort and in the hearts of its visitors.

Las Hadas by Brisas, located in the beautiful Santiago Bay in Manzanillo, is a five-star luxury resort, renowned for its personalized service and impressive Moorish-Mediterranean architecture. Since it opened, it has been a romantic retreat for couples and an exceptional place for unforgettable family experiences. It has also won important international awards, such as the Wedding Award granted by, in the category of Best Wedding Venue.

In addition to its architectural beauty, the resort is famous for its La Mantarraya professional golf course, ranked among the best in the world by Golf Digest Magazine.

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