Jonair to launch a new venture for better check-in and boarding processes

Jonair Affärsflyg AB, an airline based in Umeå, Sweden, collaborates with Ink Innovation, a travel technology provider, to deploy their Ink Mobile Agent. Jonair embarks on a new journey with scheduled flight operations and adhering their operations to the best standards in the industry. The passenger handling application will enhance Jonair’s check-in and boarding processes.

Established in 1972, Jonair Affärsflyg AB has long been trusted to provide fast and efficient transport across Scandinavia. The adoption of Ink Mobile Agent underscores Jonair’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in aviation services.

Ink Mobile Agent is recognised globally for its ability to help airlines deliver passenger services more cost-effectively and flexibly without the need for fixed airport infrastructure.  Jonair has joined the ranks of airlines like Jet2, FlySafair, LIFT,‌‌ and Sunrise Airways, all of which have implemented Ink Mobile Agent as part of their operations.

The implementation of Ink Mobile Agent will not only expedite check-in procedures but also help drive better on-time departures, elevating passenger satisfaction. Training will be provided to Jonair staff, ensuring adept handling and maximisation of the technology’s potential.

“We’re very happy to be partnering up with Ink as we’re expanding our operations across Sweden. The support has been amazing, and their mobile solution will suit our needs perfectly.” says ‍
Michaela Karlsson, Deputy Ground Operations Manager of Jonair.

Blaine Powell, Chief Sales Officer of Ink said: “We’re proud to support Jonair’s commitment to reliable and efficient service quality. Ink Mobile’s thoughtfully designed modules make life easier for agents and pre-departure tasks less painful for passengers. We are happy to be working with the team from Jonair as they embark on a new addition to their operation within Sweden.”

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